Egyptian Government Disbands Pro-Morsy Camps


The Egyptian government finally has made its move, bulldozing makeshift barricades, and firing at the pro-Morsy camps at Raba’a al-Adawiya mosque and al-Nahda Square, according to the Washington Post.

Pro-Morsy witnesses at the camps said that although those trying to leave the camps once a surrounding operation started would be provided transportation to leave, no such option came to them and they were robbed of their belongings by government forces. The Muslim Brotherhood estimates the fatalities among the protesters at 500. The health minister of the Egyptian government says there were only 50 wounded, and 9 killed.

Although the casualty numbers vary wildly, a makeshift morgue appears to have been set up at Raba’a al-Adawiya mosque and Al Jazeera Arabic counts 94 dead at this point at that site.  This reporter advises to take any early casualty numbers with a grain of salt.

According to the Washington Post, Egyptian forces kept press away by firing tear gas at them.  A tactic that many of the protesters had prepared for.

Egyptian officials had previously said that the process would be conducted in an orderly manner over a period of two to three days.

By Milton Ruiz

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