Energy – Do We Need it To Survive?

Energy - do we need it to survive?
Science, medicine and nutritional research would all agree that our bodies need ‘energy’ to produce, move forward and be enlivened. Where does this energy come from? Not too many would dispute – from food, water, air, sleep, exercise and supplements. I can’t help but take this a step further, based on the recent alchemical studies I have done with world mystic and teacher Almine. The question is posed, ‘do we really need external objects to create energy for us?’ and ‘is eating, sleeping and breathing with the end in mind to gain energy – helpful or hurtful ultimately?’ ‘Do we need energy to survive?’ I know, big, strange questions. This is one reason I am here, to prod the norm and stretch the box of what is thought to be – offering interesting ideas to brood upon- on the chance that something will break loose and reveal new territories of consciousness for you, me and the whole. So – is energy essential to life?

I know, can of worms opened. I am willing to accept the fate of one who has performed such a feat in the public eye. Now, those who are firmly rooted in scientific ‘truth’ will have fertilizer for the soil of criticism surely headed my way, but alas, we must carry on. I am opening the stage for the possibility of a much larger truth being explored than even quantum physics has dared explain, though it is surely pointing this way. The concept at the heart of this question is of our very beginnings and how and what ‘we were’ before all of this assembled came into the current form.

Two halves make a whole

Many spiritual traditions and ancient cultures have pointed to an understanding of the universe being both masculine and feminine. Two poles making up the one whole of existence. Christian tradition speaks of a male god, with a female counterpart, either hidden behind forbidden words held ‘sacred’- or outright as a human embodiment of the mother Mary.  Even in the ‘garden of eden’ male and female came first after the creation of the world.  Tantric and yogic philosophies revere the masculine as ‘consciousness’ and feminine as ‘energy’ or creation. Even science points to positive and negative poles, the active and receptive principles that join things together. Pagan beliefs hold the sky and the sun to be masculine, while the earth is the feminine Gaia, and the moon – the feminine Luna. The Earth is fertilized by the sun and the rain, and moon, in her silvery glory helps to bring things to their ripened nature.

If we impersonalize the creation story and name it scientifically, as positive and negative poles alone, still there is room for what I will present. What if everything began with One singularity splitting into two parts, just like the initial splitting of a cell?  Science has suggested such.  From the one, balanced, neutral whole – a positive and negative (or masculine and feminine) resulted? Since consciousness is thought to pervade the universe, every particle and cell – let’s just give personality to these two parts now, feeling ‘separate’ from the oneness they were.

Masculine and Feminine feeling alone

The masculine, positive pole – we will call ‘consciousness’ – the intelligent aspect of existence. The feminine, negative pole – we will call ‘matter’ – the manifestation of conscious creation in existence. Knowing themselves, previously to be one whole – now felt themselves to be somehow ‘separate’ and so, according to world’s leading mystic Almine, created for themselves ‘false counterparts’ – energy and frequency.

Do you follow?

Not remembering themselves to be whole, and needing wholeness to reign still, just as a negative electron will attract a positive proton, the thought of needing wholeness caused the all-powerful consciousness to create for (himself) a false feminine counterpart known as frequency, or emotion. Likewise, the feminine matter, feeling (herself) to be separate from her other half, created a false male counterpart – energy. It is here that we see where energy could have arisen…the need for wholeness, sprouting from forgetfulness.

False sub-creations

If we follow this story, we can clearly see that we have given credence to false creations, or rather sub-creations of the original reality. Now, I know I may get some of you ‘rubbed the wrong way’ for my saying that. I mean, who am I to say energy and frequency are ‘sub-creations?’ Bear with me… Allow the concepts of energy and frequency to be like descriptors, if you will, to the original idea of One becoming two – masculine and feminine.

If in the beginning, all was one – and in the one was everything – then there was no need for energy, as the one contained all. That doesn’t mean there was no ‘energy’ – to speak of, but it was, as I said, a descriptor of the qualities of the one, not a separate idea. Conscious matter vibrated with energetic frequency, but they were not separate creations until thought to be as such.

What was wrong with these ‘sub-creations?’ Well, in order to ‘return to wholeness’ all the masculine and feminine really have to do is to remember themselves to be one. In other words, when it becomes clear that all that is needed is for matter to become conscious of itself and in that, wholeness is remembered, realized and experienced, well – life just becomes extremely simple. If, on the other hand, energy is needed for the matter to stay ‘whole’ and frequency is needed to explain consciousness – a battle begins to ensue – placing masculine and feminine at odds with one another busily trying to explain and argue their need for one or the other.

Energy vs. Frequency

If energy is necessary to feed the body, than attention is pulled away from consciousness and put on the body, repeatedly until consciousness is completely sapped – and the body may go on living, but imbalanced…eventually dying without consciousness. Again the cycle of embodiment would need to ensue. If frequency, or emotion is needed to keep feeding the consciousness – eventually the body will be left without nourishment and will die – leaving a disembodied soul to need another body. Leading mystic Almine explains that this was how the spirit world was possibly created – through a false belief in sub-creations.

Perhaps a far-out concept for many. Some may even scoff and call it dogmatic to believe as such. We are simply exploring the idea – ‘does the body need energy to survive?’ If the body did not need energy, only consciousness, to remain in its pristine, whole state, then what is all the food and sleep for? Enjoyment only. Now this is not to say that food does not enhance the quality of life, but it can also do the reverse, if chosen unconsciously and with negative emotions attached.

What is the conclusion? I know, concluding already? Yes, this is a broad and deep topic to try to explore in such a short segment, but – it is enough to merely spark the curiosity and encourage one to explore these concepts deeper.

Woman and Man

Think about how women ‘just want to be heard.’ They/We think it is about our feelings and emotions, and if the masculine could just understand or listen to us, things would be so much better, right? Men, on the other hand, seem obsessed with acquiring energy, through working out, physical labor or supplements. If not through these means, some other bodily pleasure is pursued in order to ‘re-inforce’ energy enhancement in the form. Am I right? What if both of these perspectives were flawed? What if women didn’t need their feelings validated, but rather, just needed to express them, get them out of the way and then tune into the sensations their body was feeling? What if men just needed to become aware of the self, without need for enhancement?

What if all that was needed was a re-membering of the positive and negative poles as one? What if emotion and energy were just distractions to a deeper way of experiencing life? What if the next time you had an emotion, or a bodily sensation, instead of analyzing it – you just experienced it, ‘listened to it.’ And then let it be. I wonder what would happen?

Life without the need for food

In this idea or approach to life, you do not need to rely on food, supplements, exercise, water or air to survive. Many would think that is crazy, and surely you would die without the basics of water and food. There are those living today, however, living on breath alone, or off the sun. Many argue the legitimacy of these claims, thinking that it would be impossible to live without some form of ‘food’ to sustain the body. But, if we take our consciousness back out to the biggest perspective, and realize we are made up of the same stuff as stars, as planets, as space – then what do we need that is not already provided in the totality of our existence?

If we do not need energy to survive it is because we are the very energy we think we seek. If we do not need emotions to define us, it is because we are all of them rolled into one. We are beyond the separation of masculine and feminine models, only choosing to express in this way for the game of manifestation. We are – at the core and root of it all – just One. One consciousness manifested in a myriad of forms. One being, one part, one molecule – blown up into all these billions of creational sub-parts.  If we do need food and energy to survive it is because we believe we do – and being the powerful beings we are – we create it as such.  “So as a man thinketh, so is he.

Have we sufficiently stretched the imagining mind? Have we jumped through the paradoxes to see another vantage point? If so, the purpose of this article is complete. For those of you who cling to the idea that we need energy to survive – well, I suggest eating and taking supplements today. For those of you who tend to side with the fanciful ideas presented here – try eating just for joy and note how different your experience is when it is no longer a ‘need.’


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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