Immortality Possible For Us Too?

Immortality Possible for Us too?

There are jelly fish who do not die…or so it seems.  Truth is, no one has lived long enough to confirm this, but upon observation, the hydrozoans, a type of jelly fish, move from a young, immature state, to an advanced level of growth and back to youth again, forever repeating the cycle.  In the news today there is an eight year old girl who shows no sign of aging, while mystics and sages have spoken of the ‘eternal elixir of life’ for all of time.  Is immortality possible for us too?  Or is it merely a pipe dream?  And if it was possible, would you want it?


Currently there is research being done on the hydrozoan jelly fish to see how it regenerates itself and moves from an immature to a mature state and back again.  Scientists believe they may hold the secret to eternal life for us humans too. Japanese researcher Shin Kubota, who has dedicated his life to studying this creature reports:  “Once we determine how the jellyfish rejuvenates itself, we should achieve very great things. My opinion is that we will evolve and become immortal ourselves.

It used to be, when this species was first discovered, that researches scoffed at jelly fish teaching us anything about ourselves since they seemed to be so different from humans.  Not so true anymore.  With modern research they have now determined that we are very much like the jelly fish on a molecular level.  “There’s a shocking amount of genetic similarity between jellyfish and human beings,” comments molecular paleobiologist Keven Peterson.  In an interview with Kevin done by New York Times journalist Nathaniel Rich in November of 2012 it was reported:  “From a genetic perspective, apart from the fact that we have two genome duplications, ‘we look like a damn jellyfish.’”

Other cases

The eight year old in the news, young Gabby Williams, who never ages may hold promise for scientists who wish to discover the parts of us which contribute to aging or not.  Though she is technically eight years of age, she still looks and acts like an infant and needs to be taken care of as such.  Apparently it is developmental inertia that contributes to our aging and psychological growth.  Doctors looking into William’s case say: “If we could identify the gene and then at young adulthood we could silence the expression of developmental inertia, find an off-switch, when you do that, there is perfect homeostasis and you are biologically immortal.”

However, many people surveyed report not wishing to ‘live forever’, merely wanting to delay death a while and keep the body healthy.  Would you want immortality?

Affirmations of Youth

Immortality could be possible for us if we discovered what it was that makes us age.  According to spiritual teachings and metaphysics, beliefs play a big role in the aging and decay process.  World mystic and teacher Almine offers possible affirmations which could retard the aging process if implemented daily so as to ‘reprogram the mind against decay’ such as:

  1. My skin rejuvenates itself every moment into luminous youthfulness.
  2. My eyes see clearly and my ears hear clearly.
  3. I dwell in spacelessness. My body forms according to my intent.
  4. All that I am expresses at the highest, most complete level of perfection.
  5. I am pristine incorruptibility.

The idea is that the reiteration of aging thoughts and principles perpetuated by society and believed by our own minds, contributes to and ultimately leads to aging and death.  If we could change the thoughts in our heads to reflect an immortal being, and really believe them to be true – perhaps we could conquer death.

Is immortality possible for us too, like the jelly fish who seems to never die?  What would you do with an immortal existence?  What would your priorities be if you knew that there was no time restraints on your life?  How would you behave differently if faced with a deathless existence and society?  Would we treat one another differently?  How would we build infrastructures and economic systems if we could see the world through the eyes of forever, instead of 70-80 years?  Perhaps these are the questions that would allow for a more pristine experience of this now moment, whether or not we did continue on forever in these bodies.

There is a new magazine on the market called ‘Immortality Magazine’ who shares the following message:

We may, if we so choose, take part in a tremendous paradigm shift in which death is no longer something that “happens to us.” Instead we may choose to inhabit our body as long as it serves us, and eliminate the fear of life “being taken away.” This is physical immortality.

Perhaps it is not a scientific discovery we are looking for, but merely a choice.  In this choice, immortality could be possible for us too.  What do you believe?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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  1. terrabundance   August 19, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    I believe in the possibility of immortality… Do I want to live forever? I actually don’t know, yet I Do love the chance to make a choice at any given moment… “Do I live through this, or do I chose to move into a different form?” I would love the opportunity to decide that daily… And if I live to be 1000, and decide it’s time to move on, I can make that choice! 🙂


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