ESPN Fires Hugh Douglas

Hugh Douglas has been fired by ESPN after an ugly altercation with his co-host.
Hugh Douglas has been fired by ESPN after an ugly altercation with his co-host.

Once an All-Pro defensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, Hugh Douglas finds himself unemployed after ESPN fired the now former analyst. An altercation with his co-host last week was reportedly what caused his falling out with the sporting giant.

For the past two seasons, Douglas had been a co-host of the popular show Numbers Never Lie on ESPN. Alongside Michael Smith, the duo analyzed the statistics of upcoming games and used them to predict and justify outcomes of sporting events. It featured a round-table style discussion, with an emphasis on statistics.

“He no longer works for us,” an ESPN source announced on Tuesday.

Disappointed in the consequence of his actions, Douglas tweeted “I am very disappointed to be leaving ESPN and will have more to say about this situation and my future at the appropriate time.”

The interaction with co-host Michael Smith took place last week in Orlando, Florida at the House of Blues. The two were in town for a party put on by the National Association of Black Journalists. An investigation by ESPN found that Douglas had been drunk and unruly, and threatened to fight Smith.

According to the Big Lead, things were even uglier than ESPN reported. The verbal altercation between Douglas and Smith reached a point where the former Eagle referred to his ESPN co-host as a “house n—–” and “Uncle Tom” during the event.

An abrupt end to the analyst career of Hugh Douglas after the former Eagle threatened his ESPN co-host. The two-time Pro Bowler has not played in the NFL since 2004, but at just 41 years old figured to have a much longer career ahead of him in the broadcast booth.

ESPN has not announced who they plan to bring on to replace Douglas in Numbers Never Lie as of yet.

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