Evolution Gone Haywire

Evolution Gone Haywire
We have a lot at our disposal today with all the advancements in technology and knowledge achieved over years of study and research, maybe too much. As we learn more and more about genetics and find ourselves able to ‘recreate’ lifeforms by throwing some genes together in a pee tree dish, or worse yet, inside of another living thing, we are creating things that are better left in a science fiction novel. If we aren’t careful, some of our ‘scientific advancements’ could result in evolution gone haywire.

What am I talking about? Yes, many people remain unaware of all that goes on in the deep dark corners of science around the world. The knowledge of ‘how’ may have run too far ahead of the wisdom of ‘why’ in cases of animal hybrids utilizing human chromosomes. Just because you ‘can’ do something, doesn’t mean you should. In the world of laboratory experimentation, it seems some researchers are crossing lines that may not be able to be forgiven, biologically speaking.

That’s right, animal-human hybrids are being experimented with around the world, of which the public has virtually no knowledge of. The few we have been made aware of seem still to be kept on ‘hush’ and then -who knows what else is actually going on behind the scenes? In a recent article published on GreenMedInfo, Michael Synder compiles a pretty healthy list of animal-human experimentation going on currently including mice with partial human brains(this makes me think of Secret of Nimh), pigs with human blood, sheep with human livers, rabbit eggs with human cells and more.

Does this disturb anyone else?

Some of the ‘good reasons’ for marrying animals with human parts is in attempts to grow more organs for transplant patients. Seems fair enough, but if a liver is grown in a pig for a human, is it really then a human liver? The Chinese, not too long ago, “embedded genes for human milk proteins into a mouse’s genome and have since created herds of humanized-milk producing goats.

UK Academy of Medical Sciences released 2 years ago a report of ‘ground-breaking science’ entitled: “Animals containing human material” concluding such research acceptable in the United Kingdom, yet recognizing certain experiments as ‘not ethical’ and should be waited on such as: “breeding an animal that has human sperm or eggs. Another is to create a non-human primate with a humanized brain.”

Though people have heard about these things, no one seems to be up in arms about them.  What if some ‘bravely-stupid’ science student, who now has the know-how -by the way -to create these types of experiments, performs some Frankenstein project out of curiosity in his basement which results in an ‘unknown’ new species…who then escapes and mates with something ‘here in our world’, what are the consequences then?   How are we to be sure this has not already occurred?

Ought there to be some kind of laws around creating new species? Perhaps, though it seems this wisdom would be common sense.  Creating new species in the laboratory is like trying to play god without omniscience, omnipresence and the omnipotent powers said granted to such a being.

It is important this type of information reaches the public domain, in a big way.  Animals are being crossed with humans in labs all over the world.  To what extent and within what perimeters of ethics is the current experimentation being made?  Should we, as a people of the world, be concerned about the liberties science is taking with the delicate subject of individual species?  Are we okay with eating rice containing human genes and bacon coming from a pig which grew a human organ?  Has evolution gone haywire leading us down unknown roads of creations?  What do you think?


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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