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When it comes to Android apps and what will be used and what really is just for fun. Well, Microsoft Office is mostly for work and school, and they have finally brought it to Android. They have had the iPhone app for a short time, and now they are bringing it to Android. I feel that this is in a bit late since there are so many other office apps that can do the same, and there is no need for other subscriptions.

Microsoft recently made a version of Office Mobile available free for iPhone owners who also subscribe to its cloud-based Office 365 service. Now it’s Android’s turn. On Wednesday, Microsoft extended a similar benefit to folks with Office 365 subscriptions and Android smartphones. The offering comes at no additional cost to those subscribers, but a typical Office 365 subscription runs $99.99 a year (and lets people use Office on up to 5 PCs and/or Macs).

As with the version for the iPhone, the mobile app is meant to complement Office on a personal computer so it’s more Office light than anything else. So, Android owners can access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on their smartphones or create Word and Excel docs, but not PowerPoint docs from scratch on those handsets. Outlook is not part of the deal.

The Android version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but the app itself is only available for Android phones, not tablets. If you have a tablet, Microsoft recommends you use Office Web Apps instead. Office 365 subscribers can employ Office Mobile for Android on up to 5 phones.

People who use the mobile app can access documents on Microsoft’s cloud-based SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro or the new soon to be name. It has obviously taken awhile for Office to come to Android, just as it took time to hit the iPhone, and even at that there are limits and restrictions (the Office 365 requirement). Microsoft customers with Windows Phones got first dibs at Office Mobile. In the interim, people with rival devices turned to third party apps such as QuickOffice or relied on the likes of online services such as Google Docs to help fill in the void.

For me, the other apps are better because you buy them once you can use them on multiple Android devices. I use OfficeSuite Pro it can connect Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, and SkyDrive. When you open a file and then save it updates it on that account, and then you can go to your Microsoft Office or other device when you have that cloud drive installed and find your file updated and ready to be edited on your desktop.

I always enjoy getting my apps when they’re on sale just because I like them, after trying them of course, okay in most cases, other cases because they are only on sale for a limited time, and I’m cheap. I always have to find those deals. I just wish that the office suites would enable dual screen, but I guess that’s why there is cut and paste.

Forrest L. Rawls


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