Cory Monteith Lonely Death Lonely Cremation

Cory Monteith Lonely Death Lonely Cremation

On July 13, 2013, Cory Monteith died a very lonely death in a Vancouver hotel room of an overdose of heroin and alcohol. The Glee star had been with friends throughout most of the evening and he returned to his room to a solitary death. A death that many drug addicts face when they feed the demon inside. Apparently, apart from a “viewing” by close family and friends before the fact, Cory had a lonely cremation. Reportedly, only mother Ann, brother Shaun and Lea Michele were present at the event.

At least the 31 year-old actor who played Finn Hudson on the popular program Glee was remembered by his fellow co-workers and friends on Twitter. Despite the small number of attendees at his cremation ceremony, the young actor did have many who have been speaking out about his death and their resultant sadness.

Mother Ann McGregor got onto the social site to tweet her thanks to all those who’d shown their support at this worst of times and her Twitter “thank-you” followed other messages posted on Twitter by cast-mates and friends to tweet about their feelings of his passing.

Ann posted two tweets in rapid succession. One was to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and the other to deny speaking to anyone about her thoughts of what should happen to son Cory’s remains:

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Ann’s Twitter account profile describes her as, “Canadian mom, actor mom, designer/decorator,dancer, supporter of Woodwynn Therapeutic Farm in BC, and Close To Home (support for loved ones of people in need).” While the micro-blogging website begins to fill with more personal messages from those close to Cory, life goes on with the production of Glee.

Lea Michele and other cast members of Glee held a special memorial ceremony for Cory Monteith that did not echo his lonely cremation. A good number of people attended this special event. While production of the show went on in the background.

Ryan Murphy has been alternately praising Lea Michele for her bravery and professionalism for stated that the show should continue despite the death of her characters on screen boyfriend who she was romantically involved with off the show.

Various messages have come from the production team and the Fox Network on how Cory Monteith’s character Finn Hudson will be written out of the show. Apparently Finn will die in a way that is related to Cory’s past and although mixed signals have come from the production side of things, it appears that drugs will be involved with the Glee character’s death.

It has been widely publicised that episode three of the new season will be the time Cory’s death will be dealt with and that public service announcements will air during the show.

Cory’s self confessed drug addiction was a demon that he could not defeat. Like many other young performers his introduction to the harmful substances that would take his life was one that he later regretted. He had only checked out of a rehab center in April just a short while before his death.

His 26 year-old girlfriend and Ryan Murphy both tried to help Cory Monteith in his lonely battle with his addictions. But it wasn’t enough to save the young man, and his solitary death seems even sadder when taking into account his lonely cremation which only attended by three people.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom