Extreme Weight Loss Cassandra August 27 (Preview)

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On Extreme Weight Loss Cassandra on August 27, former four-time All American athlete Cassandra has given up on playing any sports and at her initial weigh-in she weighs 364 pounds.

What has gotten her to such a state?

Heartbroken after a messy divorce, 45-year-old Cassandra, from Quartz Hill, California, buried her sorrows in food, in search for the comfort and need for love that was now lacking in her life.

Cassandra is a high school guidance counselor and she’s also a coach for the track and field team. She tells her students that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. She feels like a hypocrite, in that she would like to lose weight, but hasn’t done it yet. When it comes to losing weight, she hasn’t been able to follow her own advice.

When transformational coach and co-host of the show, Chris Powell (he co-hosts with his wife, Heidi) chooses Cassandra to be on Extreme Weight Loss, she is very happy. Chris wants to show her that she can eat food that tastes good, but still have it be healthy for her.

That’s why trainer Chris Powell, to help Cassandra with her diet and nutrition, brings in celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito to show her how to make quick and healthy meals.

However, despite her new-found knowledge about health and nutrition, and her desire to meet her weight-loss goals, her unhealthy food habits start to creep back in, and Chris starts thinking that perhaps a different approach would work better to enable Cassandra to regain her motivation.

Chris feels that it might be that Cassandra needs to concentrate on achieving smaller, mini-goals. He decides to break with precedent and he gives Cassandra weekly goals, as opposed to 90-day goals.

Chris Powell likes to give the participants on Extreme Weight Loss incentives to meet their weight loss goals. He hopes to bring out the athlete she once was and, for one of her milestones, to reward her with a singles adventure, a once-in-a-lifetime whitewater rafting trip to Costa Rica.

Cassandra is reluctant to take part in the whitewater rafting trip, because she fears that she might fall out of the boat and not be able to pull herself back in because of her weight.

However, as Cassandra progresses in her year-long-journey to lose enough weight to qualify for the skin reduction surgery she will need to remove her excess skin, and as her confidence builds, Cassandra discovers she can push herself out of her comfort zone. She starts trying new things, including speed dating. Besides losing her excess weight and skin, will Cassandra also find a love match when she participates in the speed dating?

Find out on “Extreme Weight Loss,” Tuesday, August 27 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network, and then check out my review of the show afterwards!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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