Female Journalist Brutally Raped in Mumbai India [Video]

Female Journalist Brutally Raped in Mumbai India [Video]

A 22-year-old female intern for lifestyle magazine was brutally raped in Mumbai India and her journalist companion assaulted. A group of five men attacked the two at an abandoned mill and raped the female after restraining the male. The two were on assignment photographing old buildings in Mumbai for a journalistic piece for publication.

The male was severely bashed by the group of men and rendered powerless in the fight. The female suffered internal injuries and bleeding from the trauma of the attack. The men fled the scene after the attack and are believed to be from the immediate area. After the attack the two sought help for their injuries and notified the authorities. Healthcare officials reported that the female was initially in a state of shock but seemed to have responded well to treatment.

Law enforcement officials scoured the local area for suspects and detained about 20 people for questioning. “We have formed teams comprising local police and crime branch to investigate the matter,” said Sadanand Date, Joint Commissioner of Police. His office recorded the report completed by the female and registered the case to be investigated.

Facts of the incident state the girl arrived at the area around 7pm with her companion. The area was fairly deserted whereby both were attacked by a group of five men. The male was beaten; the female journalist was tied up and brutally raped by the men of Mumbai India. It is reported the men initiated the attack claiming the female’s companion was wanted for murder.

“Mumbai was always safe for women, but in recent years the emphasis of the police and the home department has shifted from protecting women to restricting women’s freedom,” said Kavita Krishnan, a women’s activist. Krishnan believes that authorities have become more focused on “moral policing” in regards to women in the city. Overzealous police have tried to close down businesses where women work as dancers in bars.

It was reported that last December a 23-year-old physiotherapist was gang-raped on a Delhi bus. A month ago there was an acid attack on a suburban female and last Sunday a female from the United States was robbed on a local train. “Mumbai will feel safe for women again only if police focus on protecting us, not restricting us,” said Krishnan.

“Like every woman in Mumbai, I have held on desperately to the hope that women are safe in this city,” blogged journalist Deepanjana Pal. “Yesterday, that faith was brutally violated.”

“There has to be deterrence. Must have stricter laws,” tweeted the union minister, Kapil Sibal, a prominent lawyer. The female journalist brutally raped in Mumbai India sparked a call for amending the law for stricter punishment for rapists of women. Proponents state that offenders that participate in such endeavors should not be able to escape punishment or get off lightly for their deeds.

By Thomas Barr

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