Five Places Where Google Glass is Banned

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Not even released into production, Google Glass is already receiving black marks from several establishments and states including being banned in five key places. Such a technological wonder has only gained the mass disapproval of retailers, casinos, banks and some state officials. With technology comes an undisputed level of concern. Security concerns have been raised in regards to recordings without permission. While the list may grow, the five places listed are pretty specific about a big NO to Google Glass. Of course this conundrum of privacy becomes a tangled web weaved with intricacies. Does Google Glass now bring a spotlight to other devices, such as button-sized cameras, pen cameras and other recording mechanisms?

Outside of the controversy of this amazing soon-to-be released product lies the spectrum of features and ‘oh-so-nice review’ of the Google Glass. With the view of a less scary Terminator eye, a consumer can browse for directions, take pictures and of course view controversial videos. Consumers on the go can check e-mail, connect to Twitter, Facebook and potentially Google+. Google Glass is quite revolutionary considering how long technology has been around.

Ask Glass is a innovative feature of Google Glass

Onward to the five places where this marvel of visual enhancement is not welcomed, not invited and actually banned. It’s expected the ban list will continue to grow with time, leading to the release of the device:

1. Las Vegas- yes the city of sin wants the money in consumers pockets but not their technological interruptions. The Google Glass is banned in casinos, strip-clubs and move theaters around the city.

2. Casinos around the country- as suspected- casinos do not want this possible cheat factor near their tables! New Jersey  was one of the first states to jump on the ban and encompassed it under recording devices. Prior to wearing the Glass in a facility, check with said facility to avoid getting kicked out.

3. Hospitals are joining the ban-wagon according to Fast Company. Hospital executive, Jim Mandler, from Continuum Health Partners in New York City stated, “I would venture to say that we will probably have some kind of policy in place that would ban the use of these glasses until we learned more about them and their use, because it could impend on patient privacy.” Prior to dropping off a loved one for surgery or visiting the doctor, be sure to check if your Glass is banned.

4. The National Association of Theatre Owners Vice-President Patrick Corcoran is currently reviewing the device and policy. Fast Company shared a quote from the VP: “It’s one of the things we’ve really just started thinking about,” he says. “We’re going to have to work with our member companies to develop training programs for how to deal with it.” Many theaters in some states have already banned the device from entering the doors.

5. Not surprisingly, a legislator in West Virginia is already working up the language to promote a ban on wearing Google Glass behind the wheel. Language that will more than likely be adopted by dozens of other states. Per Tech Week Europe, drivers in the UK are already banned from driving with the device attached. UK’s Department of Transport shared with Tech Week, “We are aware of the impending rollout of Google Glass and are in discussion with the police to ensure that individuals do not use this technology while driving.”

Google Glass banned for UK drivers, US next?

Alas, there it is-  the list of five places where Google Glass is banned and more upcoming bans are on their way. The growth of technology is leading to an all-around ban-fest. Of course, those that seem hyper-critical of the device have severe monitoring devices around their cities, businesses and facilities. Understandably, the concern of gleaning information should be a priority, but how far will businesses and states go to issue a ban and its consequences? Only time will tell.

Angelina Bouc

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