Fort Hood Shooter Releases Documents


Just before his trial, the Fort Hood shooter releases documents to the media to explain his position.

Major Nidal Hasan has released documents totaling seven pages to the media. Some of the pages were typed while others are handwritten.  John Galligan, Hasan’s attorney for civil matters has confirmed the authenticity of the papers. Galligan stated “He represented to me that he either personally wrote in longhand or typed the statements at issue.All of the documents were prepared by Major Nidal Hasan and were sent, at his specific request.”

In his papers Major Hasan Renounced his US citizenship and his military oath. He mentions “SoA” or Soldier of Allah. Hasan’s business card also has SoA on it.

In one document marked October 18, 2012 Hasan wrote “I, Nidal Malik Hasan, am compelled to renounce any oaths of allegiances that require me to support/defend (any – sic) man made constitution over the commandments mandated in Islam … I therefore formally renounce my oath of office … this includes my oath of U.S. citizenship.” In another paper the Major states “There is an inherent and irreconcilable conflict. … in an American Democracy ‘we the people’ govern according to what ‘we the people’ think is right or wrong; even if it specifically goes against what All-Mighty God commands.” As the Fort Hood Shooter Releases Documents stating his position he has reopened wounds for the victims and their families.

Major Hasan has been accused of a shooting at Fort Hood Texas in which 13 people were killed and over 30 injured. The aftermath of the shooting has left victims and their families with great difficulties in addition to the injuries.

The Defense Department has refused to define the shooting an act of terrorism, choosing instead to label in as “workplace violence.” Not only is the definition insulting to many, but labeling the mass shooting workplace violence has definite consequences.

The injured soldiers and victims’ families are now not eligible for compensation for the shooting. Since they were not attacked by “the enemy,” they are treated the same as if they were shot in a convenience store robbery.

Staff Sargent Shawn Manning was art Fort Hood the day of the shooting. He was shot six times. “Some of the survivors and some of the deceased, or family members of the deceased, are struggling. I think it’s a grave injustice, and it breaks my heart to see things like that happen” Manning has been quoted as saying. Major Hasan has been paid almost 300,000 dollars while in prison awaiting trail, further infuriating the families.

Major Nidal Hasan is an Army Medical Corps officer. He worked for six years at Walter Reed Medical Center. There reports of inappropriate behavior and comments raised concerns. At Fort Hood he had an apartment away from other officers.

As Major Hasan was found to have no ties to known terrorist groups his actions were labeled as workplace violence.  Now that the Fort Hood shooter releases documents for the world to see, The Department of Defense may have to change their stance.

written by Kevin Reid

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  1. wondering   August 1, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Why is he still receiving pay from the US Gov’t if he has renounced?

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