Georgia Man Claims He Was Arrested for Laughing

Georgia Man Claims He Was Arrested for Laughing

Dustin Drabot, a man who attended a City Council meeting in East Point, Georgia, claims to have been forcibly removed from the meeting simply because he started laughing.

“If I did laugh,” Drabot recalls, “it wasn’t a loud obstructionist laugh. It was a ‘Huh, hahaha’ under my breath.”

The city’s mayor pro tempore, Marcel Reed, explains the story differently. According to Reed, the man was overly distracting and laughed disruptively a number of other times.

One unidentified source told local station WSBTV Channel 2 that the man not only interrupted the meeting, but also damaged a wall in the building and broke the eyeglasses of two arresting police officers.

Drabot is standing by his side of the story, planning to argue in court that the local police used undue levels of force against him.

Written by: Chris Bacavis


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