Get Your Game and Fitness on with the Virtuix Omni Treadmill

The gaming revolutionary doors just blew open

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Are you tired of being ripped on for being a couch potato? Tired of your significant other saying “all you do is game! We never have any fun!” Get ready to dispel the myth that gaming is stationary. Guffaw at the attempts of Kinect One and Wii Sports. Now you can get your game on during your workout with a state of the art Virtuix Omni Treadmill. This is a little piece of heaven that just brings the gaming room together. The end of the article will link the videos and campaign site.

Microsoft and Sony are introducing new consoles- but for a sweet price of $499, the gamer love in your life can find a way to create fitness with their favorite pastime. PCMAG details the workings behind this absolutely brilliant creation. The gamer enters the ring and there is an arm to keep said gamer in place to avoid a nasty tumble in the excitement of catching the bad guys.

Like most great ideas, this one was born on the crowd-funding popular site of Kickstarter. The creators were hoping for $150,000 and were bowled over when $1.1 million entered their arena to start the pre-order frenzy online. If you are a gaming couple, you can get the dual set to get your gaming on times two! The price will run you $1,019 for two of the creations. While some wince on the price, that technically is what the average consumer pays for a couple of gaming consoles and video games. Except now you have a reason to push for this gaming revolution, since you can develop a slimming fitness routine.

The Virtuix Omni treadmill, per All Things D is, “four-foot tall, 110-pound, 360-degree treadmill that translates users’ walking, running, jumping and crouching into in-game motion, purportedly ‘in any game or app that uses keyboard input.’ Nice! Put down your PS, Xbox and Wii games as this machine is only compatible currently with PC games. Engadget was pretty enamored with the machine and highly recommended it and after the video input, this writer is kind of ready to get back into the game!

While called a treadmill, the package comes with special running shoes. You are basically entering the next phase of addictive gaming with the Omni treadmill. No motors are equipped with this device, meaning, the power of gravity and stability is in the shoes. The ring allows you to comfortably move in a circle, run, crouch and duck from those incoming frags!

The system is advanced to capture your calories burned and you can even enjoy a virtual travel (in a cartoonish fashion) of an international location. The company is already creating a buzz and it can be imagined as more techie hands get into the mix, the graphics will only become more mind-blowing. Kickstarter shared some quotes from reviews across the gaming world:

  • “Jaw-dropping virtual reality” – PC Gamer
  • “Impressive and probably the single best reason to ever play Skyrim without fast travel” – Kotaku
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the future of gaming” – Road To VR
  • Try resist throwing money at the screen” – Engadget
  • “If you really want that full-motion experience, what you’ll need is a gaming rig that lets you walk around as well. Enter the Virtuix Omni” – The Escapist

Virtuix does advise on the Kickstarter website,”The support ring height is adjustable to best accommodate a user height ranging from 4’8″ to 6’5″ (142cm – 195cm),” and “Safety is important. The safety ring supports up to 285lbs (130kg) with a safety factor 2. The belt assembly will prevent the user from slipping and falling down.” Keep this in mind before buying for the little ones.

Get your game and fitness on with the newest revolution in gaming. The virtual reality world just exploded with the introduction of the Virtuix Omni treadmill. The full link to the details of the Kickstarter campaign is at the end of the article to show the timeline evolution of a product that will change the way fitness and gaming are forever seen.

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