Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots and Editions Revealed [Video]

GTA V Wallpaper

Rockstar Games, the developers behind the mega-uber-super-blockbuster franchise that is Grand Theft Auto, is soon to serve up its latest incarnation of the third person, action-adventure game. And, with this in mind, details of GTA V’s special edition have finally emerged from the depths of obscurity in a recent announcement, along with a bunch of new screenshots.

According to Rockstar, two variants of GTA V are due for release, including Special and Collector’s Editions, which includes a slew of extra, in-game content.

In terms of weaponry, the developers indicate that both editions will provide a “pair of special firearms,” the .50 Caliber Pistol and Bullpup Shotgun, each of which come with their own customization options, interchangeable skins and accessories. Alongside these guns, a melee weapon will also be provided for a more hands on approach.

Aside from the functional, Rockstar have also focused upon character aesthetics. The three main protagonists include Franklin, Michael and Trevor, who are provided with a 20% discount and additional clothing options when making transactions across Los Santos’ many clothing shops. In addition, each character will be provided with a free garment and a tattoo.

Specifically, the Collector’s Edition will enable players to customize the appearance of their characters, during the Grand Theft Auto V Online segment of the game. Buyers will be offered three additional characters, including Niko Bellic (GTA IV) and Claude and Misty (GTA III), which can be utilized to define the parental heritage and appearance of the online character model.

Both Special and Collector’s editions will provide each of the single-player campaign’s characters with a unique ability, which can be activated and wielded for a transient period:

  • Michael: a gifted marksman, capable of slowing down time, during intense firefights
  • Franklin: the driver, who can slow down time whilst driving and can take corners at high speeds
  • Trevor: a “drug-addled sociopath,” who inflicts double damage and receives half as much damage from enemies

Perhaps the most substantial part of the Collector’s and Special Edition packages centers around the Stunt Plane Trials bonus material. These trials involve challenge missions, where the player madly races through a series of checkpoints, situated at various locales across the game’s expansive map. Successful completion of these trials will enhance the character’s “piloting skill.” In addition, the resulting scores can then be compared against that of your friends.

GTA Unique Electric Car

Finally, according to Rockstar’s official announcement, GTA V’s Collector’s Edition will provide a number of unique vehicles, as well as a place to store them:

“The Collector’s Edition also features an exclusive garage to store custom vehicles that comes stocked with the CarbonRS sports bike and the Hotknife – an open frame 1930’s style hotrod.”

Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition Material

According to IGN, these extras are all bundled with a steelbook, comprising of artwork and a Los Santos blueprint map. The ultimate Collector’s Edition also contains a security deposit bag and a Los Santos cap, presumably for the discerning consumer who decides he or she wishes to rob a bank (note: please don’t rob any banks).

Grand Theft Auto V’s Special Edition will retail for $79.99, whilst the Collector’s Edition comes in at a whopping $149.99. If you just want the base game, however, with no additional features or collectables, the standard edition is to be sold with a $60 price tag. All editions of the game are due to arrive on September 17.

By: James Fenner

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