Lamar Odom Not Missing and Not on Crack

Lamar Odom Not Missing and Not on Crack

After it was reported that Lamar Odom was missing after getting kicked out by Khloe Kardashian when a Kardashian family intervention meeting went south, concern was raised about Lamar’s whereabouts and whether he was back on crack cocaine. According to Odom’s agent, the 33 year-old NBA player is not missing.

The agent, Jeff Schwartz told ESPN that, “Lamar is not missing. His wife knows exactly where he is.”

But TMZ initially reported that Odom had vanished and that neither his friends nor the Kardashian family could get hold of him. What is known for sure it that since Khloe threw Lamar out of their house, the couple are separated and the basketball player is facing a court case in Manhattan in September to face a custody and child support issue with his ex who he had two children with. T

Apparently, according to an unidentified source, Odom is in a Los Angeles, California hotel room getting some last ditch intervention from his Clippers’ teammates and from the LA Lakers’ teammates who he played for previously.

But the intervention being staged by his teammates seems to be going about as well as the Kardashian attempt. According to Radaronline Lamar has turned his back on his Clippers and Lakers pals intervention attempt. Odom’s agent revealed that the NBA free agent left the hotel room mid-session.

It has also been reported that the intervention took place over a three hour time period and that Odom was: sweaty as well as pacing back and forth with his hands shaking on top of talking very fast. Apparently he appeared to be “on something.”

So it turns out that Lamar Odom is not missing and he’s not even, as originally reported, addicted to crack cocaine.

Sources have told Radaronline that, regardless of Odom’s past use of crack cocaine, it is not crack that he is currently addicted to. The source swears that Lamar is addicted to OxyContin which is a narcotic pain reliever. The source has also mentioned the sedative Ambien.

Lamar’s agent, also said that during the “NBA” intervention, his client had agreed to go public with his addiction and to voluntarily enter rehab again. But apparently seconds after his statement, Lamar shot out of the hotel room and left the area.

Schwartz, who was at the hotel room intervention, rang Odom and begged him to return.

It also seems that initial reports of the Kardashian clan being unable to find or contact Lamar were incorrect. People magazine confirmed that Khloe has spoken to Odom. He got in touch with her and although she has not made any immediate decisions, she still wants to help him get straight.

TMZ reported that Khloe had kept Lamar’s crack cocaine use a secret from her family over the last two years. TMZ has also reported that Khloe Kardashian actually went to meet with Lamar at an “undisclosed location.” Khloe Kardashian has said all along that she is not interested in divorcing her husband and that her priority is his health and well being. She just wants Odom to beat his drug addiction before it kills him.

So despite the original information, Lamar Odom is not missing and it appears that his drug problem is not crack cocaine, but OxyContin and Ambien. It also appears that while the Kardashian clan may not know where Lamar is, Khloe does.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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