Hempfest to be Explained on Doritos


Although ‘pot’ smoking is now legal in Washington State, there are still laws which must be followed when distributing or using the substance.  Hempfest will be a three day celebration of the legalization of marijuana in the state, and will be held this weekend, August 16, 17 and 18th.  The rules will be explained on bags of Doritos being handed out by police for free.

This is not the first Hempfest.  In the past it was a demonstration in favor of legalizing marijuana.  Now that its goal has been accomplished, it is more of an art and crafts fair, and a celebration.  Hempfest describes itself as; “advancing the public image of the cannabis advocate, or enthusiast, through example.”

The Seattle Police Department who came up with the Dorito plan said that they will have their own ‘munchies’ now, and they’re sure they will be welcome.

A spokesman said:  “Distributing salty snacks at a festival celebrating hemp, I think, is deliberately ironic enough that people will accept them in good humor. We want to make sure people learn the rules and that they respect the vote.”

Seattle sergeant, Sean Whitcomb will be explaining the new rules for the festival.  He said that although the police will only be offering 1,000 bags of Doritos, he believes the word will get out to all of the expected 200,000 participants.

The title of the information on the bags is “Marijwhatnow?,”

Colorado passed a similar law, but are still unsure as to how they will implement the changes in their state.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, the new rules for ‘pot’ use will be explained on bags of Doritos.

James Turnage


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