Beirut Blast Rocks Streets, Killing and Maiming

Beirut City Wallpaper

According to BBC News, seven individuals have been mortally wounded, whilst a number of others have been injured, in the south of Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. The killing and maiming of innocents is believed to have been caused by an explosion, between two adjacent apartments, near a main road of a district called Rweiss.

The sector is heavily occupied by Shiite militants, belonging to Hezbollah.

Aside from the loss of human life, infrastructure and vehicles caught in the blast have also been damaged.

As with similar incidents, it is considered the enduring Syrian conflict may have motivated today’s attacks, with tensions rapidly building between rivaling Muslim factions.

According to one of the BBC’s news reporters, who remains at the scene, emergency services have arrived to aid the injured, and extinguish some of the lingering fires.

By: James Fenner


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