Hillary Clinton Has Become a Fright Movie for the RNC


The RNC is threatening NBC and CNN with not allowing them to broadcast their primary debates in 2016.  Hillary Clinton has become a fright movie for the RNC, and has them shaking like a ‘little girl.’

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee is attempting to censure and censor the free press.  He says that if the two networks continue with projects about the life of Hillary Clinton, they will be punished.  He is accusing them of ‘promoting’ her for 2016.

“It’s appalling to know executives at major networks like NBC and CNN who have donated to Democrats and Hillary Clinton have taken it upon themselves to be Hillary Clinton’s campaign operatives,” Priebus said in a statement.

NBC has planned a four hour miniseries about the life of Ms. Clinton.  It will tell the story of her life as a wife, mother, first lady, senator, and cabinet member beginning in 1998.  It will be called “Hillary.”

CNN is planning to air a documentary about Ms. Clinton by Charles Ferguson who won an Oscar for ‘Inside Job,’ which exposed “the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry.”

In a letter to Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment, he said:  “NBC cannot purport to be a neutral party in American politics, and the credibility of NBC News, already damaged by the partisanship of MSNBC, will be further undermined by the actions of NBC Universal executives who have taken it upon themselves to produce an extended commercial for Secretary Clinton’s nascent campaign,” he added.

In a letter to Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide, he protested:  “Secretary Clinton has been in the public eye for well over two decades, so you certainly cannot claim that a documentary about her political career is any sort of public service or eye-opening journalism on an unknown individual. Quite the opposite is true: it would be most accurately described as an in-kind donation.”

Priebus said the networks’ “actions to promote Secretary Clinton are disturbing and disappointing.”

He added, “I hope Americans will question the credibility of these networks and that NBC and CNN will reconsider their partisan actions and cancel these political ads masked as unbiased entertainment,” he said.

“If they have not agreed to pull this programming prior to the start of the RNC’s Summer Meeting on August 14, I will seek a binding vote stating that the RNC will neither partner with these networks in 2016 primary debates nor sanction primary debates they sponsor.”

This is politics 2013.  When political parties become more powerful than the press and the voting public, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of our election system, and the dominance of that four letter word, ‘professional politician.’

What should amaze all of us is the fear that the Republican Party is displaying three-years and three-months before the next presidential election.

I know that they have no candidate at the moment that could challenge Ms. Clinton, but there’s plenty of time.

For now, the RNC is showing fear of Hillary Clinton, long before the election and before she has even declared her candidacy.

Alfred James reporting


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