Insomnia No More with Polynesian Happy Drink

Insomnia No More with Polynesian Happy Drink
Somewhere around 65 million Americans cannot fall asleep with ease and have been labeled with insomnia.  Whether you classify yourself in this category or you just simply have trouble getting to sleep sometimes, the information found here could help.  By sipping the Polynesian ‘happy drink’ called Kava kava, you could experience insomnia and other sleep issues – no more.

Kava kava is a ceremonial drink which has been consumed in the Polynesian islands for hundreds of years and is meant to bring people together.  It kind of ‘levels the playing field’ between classes of individuals, thus allowing the ‘group mind’ experience of commonality and friendship, no matter who is gathered together.  Kava relaxes the nervous system and puts everyone ‘at ease’ with each other, some even describe its effects as similar to alcohol, but without the negative side effects.

Many people who cannot sleep end up using prescription medications like Xanax and Ambien or rely on alcohol to ‘put them down.’  All of these methods are addictive and potentially dangerous ways to help the body relax.  Why not try something natural instead?  Though Kava kava has been labeled with warnings from the FDA for possible liver damage and kidney failure, there are many reasons why you can feel confident using kava without fear.  The cases which caused the warning labels regarding the liver were reported to have used the leaves and stems instead of the medicinal root – an important distinction.  When using the kava plant, the root only should be consumed – steeped like a tea.  Kidney problems were reported after one individual drank a large amount of kava – which is a diuretic (encourages water loss) and then bicycled a great distance – not well advised.

Kava kava contains the a group of compounds called ‘kavalactones’, known for their relaxing and sleep-like inducing qualities.  Kava can help ‘put you into the zone’ so as to stop the mind chatter, calm the nerves and make drifting off to sleep (or just into a calm, relaxed state) a breeze.

Because of the calming effect Kava kava has on the nervous system, it is not recommended to drive after consumption.  Kava should be treated with respect, used sparingly and only when needed to keep the effectiveness of this plant at a high.

Kava Kava has also been used to reduce anxiety and stress and greatly relax the muscles, which can be especially helpful after a big hike or long, intense work-out.   Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid Kava kava as should those on anti-depressants or during consumption of alcohol.

No more insomnia, stress, anxiety or muscle pain can be realized with the Polynesian ‘happy drink’ Kava kava.  Made into a hot tea, taken as an herbal extract, by concentrated paste or in gel caps, Kava kava can be just the relaxing companion you’ve been looking for.  Those who are trying to ween themselves off of marijuana can also find a similar ‘high’ quality with kava, without the negative side effects.  Kava bars are beginning to open in progressive cities all around.  So sit down, order a bowl of Kava for you and your friends and enjoy the relaxing ceremony of friendship and peace as the Hawaiians do.  Aloha!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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