iPhone 5C to Have 16:9 Screen


With the rumor of the new iPhone 5C as a cheaper version of the iPhone 5, people are speculating that it won’t be any cheaper. An analyst, Mingchi Kuo, says that the iPhone 5 will be the phone that gets the boot in production. Once the new phones are out, iPhone 5 will cease to exist in any new manufacturing. The iPhone 4S will still be in production, but Apple wants to go forward with its so-called cheaper iPhone 5C ranging between $400 to $500, others indicate that it would be between $300 to $400.

The iPhone 5S will contain some of the same specs as the iPhone 5, leaving the question as to why Apple will get rid of the iPhone 5. On the other hand, there appears to be no reason why they are keeping the older 4S. Some question if the 5S will have the features that have been rumored. It is yet to be seen, but will be released on the anticipated date of September 10th prior to the release of iOS 7. Others predict the release on September 20th, two days after the release of iOS 7. Whatever the date is, we will find out before the holiday season. Will this new iPhone have features worth switching from your current iPhone?

The iPhone 5C being sold as a cheaper version will have some features and applications stripped from it. You might see Siri less, slower speed, plastic cover, loss of camera quality and other  differences to help distinguish them apart. The iPhone 5 does bring something different that Apple wants to focus on, the 16:9 format.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster states in his prediction:
“We expect the iPhone 5S to include a fingerprint sensor with a basic unlocking feature, but do not believe the sensor will be built into iOS 7 enough to introduce a feature like secure payments as we believe that Authentec has only been a part of Apple for less than one year. We believe that payments could be a key feature of the next version of iOS in 2014.”

The iPhone has become very popular, and the new 5S hopes to heal the wounds of its younger brothers, in a market that has been turning out new Android phones like water. Apple does have most users on iOS 6 when Android phones are just now getting to Jelly bean versus being on Gingerbread.

What does this mean for your iPhone? It means that when iOS 7 comes out the software will come with new improvements, and apps optimized for the new OS. In addition, you will see new apps come out because of the new features in iOS 7. Focusing on the “16:9 format is a key step in preserving the coherence of the audience for those apps.” [Forbes] With this focus, it seems the next generation phone will have an even bigger screen (iPhone 6). But with the new 5S and 5C, you will see a new market with the 16:9 format, and apps to form around it.

These phones are rumored to come out on different dates to help with congestion at local retailers. Which phone will you buy? Would you wait to see if reviews come back with feature descriptions before you buy? Will you enjoy the new 16:9 format?

Forrest L. Rawls

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