iPhone Trade-in Program Now at Apple and Best Buy

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In anticipation of the newest iPhone release expected to be announced in September, Apple is taking the leap for savings. The iPhone trade-in program comes with a condition, you move into a new contract with a new iPhone. This of course causes some hesitation as many customers want to wait for the rumored iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. There are other trade-in offers around the country this weekend as well:

  • Best Buy is offering 50-percent trade-in value to move into the iPhone 5 for customers. This special is only for this weekend.
  • Gazelle is an online site that trades in currently owned iPhones, and some consumers report a nice trade-in amount.
  • Apple offers the trade-in program for consumers who may have that iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 4 and would be quite happy with the larger, slimmer and faster iPhone 5. Or customers can use the recycling program with Apple and receive an Apple gift card for use at a later date (hint, new iPhone).
  • AT&T and Verizon stores can also review your iPhone for a trade-in credit for another phone (meaning a consumer can select a Windows or Android device).
  • Amazon is also offering a trade-in credit for iPhones.

If using the Apple trade-in program, media outlets are suggesting the max trade-in is currently maxed around $280. That’s a nice offer, especially for consumers who enjoy more memory storage like the 32GB or 64GB versions. Media reports suggest the trade-in program will still be around after the rumored Apple September 10 event of the iPhone announcement.

People will be able to enjoy family time, barbecues and a quick trip to a local retailer. Amazing specials are being offered by many popular retailers. With the announcement of the pending iPhone release- Target has even joined the Apple trade-in party. Prior to taking off to hit the stores, be sure to have the following information in mind:

  • iPhone cannot be damaged (liquid or physical) upon trade-in at Apple.
  • Trading in the iPhone must come with a new contract and purchase, no gift card trade-in will be honored at Apple (unless using recycling program) or Best Buy.
  • If a consumer has a damaged iPhone, seek outlets like Gazelle, NextWorth or the online site of Glyde. Those outlets can review damaged iPhones for trade-in.

Those who do not have an iPhone to trade in, but want one? Hit Wal-Mart retail stores, the big box retail giant just scaled back their pricing. The iPhone 5 16GB with a 2-year contract is only $98. The offer is not available online, just in stores. This is $100 off pricing from companies like Verizon and AT&T. Rate plan restrictions may apply, so be sure to speak to the mobile agent at the store for details.

Fans are excited! Apple’s pilot trade-in program is a great start entering the fall season. Expect over the next 11 days, rumors to keep escaping regarding the release of the newest iPhone generation. Consumers can now move into the iPhone 4, 4S or 5 with current iPhones. Or hold onto the iPhone until after September 10, to await the news from Apple. There are loads of great specials available around town this weekend between Apple, Best Buy and more. Take advantage of the Labor Day specials, and have a great time with family, cookouts and trade-ins!

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