iTunes Now Offers Cloud Service for Movies in Japan and Europe

 iTunes Now Offers Cloud Service for Movies in Japan and Europe

The world’s favorite digital entertainment service just expanded their cloud service for movies in seven European countries and Japan. Customers who previously purchased movies through iTunes will now be able to access and re-download the movies they purchased in case they lose the original downloads.

This feature is available in Austria, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Itunes initially launched their “in the cloud” service two years ago. Originally for music, Apple soon added support for movies and television shows for users in the United States. Earlier this year, Apple launched movies in the cloud for US customers.

It’s apparent that iTunes is increasingly becoming more competitive against other competitors in the streaming video market, namely Netflix and HBO Go. The results from a Foresee survey show that Apple’s entertainment destination has a score of 80, whereas Netflix and HBO Go shared a score of 79. Amazon’s Instant Video isn’t too far behind on the list with score 78. Hulu Plus and Crackle share a lower score of 75.

CNET added, “This means users in these countries can purchase movies from iTunes that are then automatically synced to the cloud and made available for viewing on any eligible device – computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV.”

As tech consumers gravitate from television sets to more mobile means of entertainment(i.e smartphones and tablets), Apple will have ample opportunity to lead the market. Not only does the Cupertino-based tech giant already has a strong grip in the mobile electronics market, it also the leader in media downloads. The fact that it (barely) surpassed Netflix and HBO Go speaks volumes. Now that iTunes has extender their cloud service for movies to other eight more countries, I think it’s fair to say that opportunity is everywhere, Apple just needs to seize it.

ForSee’s chief executive officer Larry Freed explained, “These mobile benchmark scores suggest there is much work to be done. Companies see the opportunity and they are trying to move fast, but they must be sure to do things the right way to meet the expectations of customers or risk turning them away to competitors.”

The more features Apple adds to their service, the more likely they are to succeed at winning customers. Itunes will continue to be a strong leader if they continue on at the pace they are. Hopefully, this cloud service feature for movies will expand to other countries in a quest to dominate the market.

On their official website, Apple has a full list of countries where iTunes in the cloud is available. Most of them include music, music videos, movies, applications, and books. Both the United States and United Kingdom have everything available on the cloud. It’s likely that within the next two to three years, Apple will offer everything on the cloud for the rest of the world.

Apple has trail blazed the mobile market and this move is just another big one for the tech giant.

Written By: Anna Peel

Sources:CNET, Mac Rumors

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