Brandon Moore’s Surprising Announcement

Brandon Moore's surprising announcement

A surprising twist when 33 year old Brandon Moore, 10 veteran from the New York Jets, called off his one year contract with the Cowboys and chose’s to retire. “What a tremendous player,” Jets Coach Rex Ryan said of Moore. “He was a great person, a great teammate, a guy that was important to me. Being a first-time N.F.L. coach, I leaned on him some, and he was absolutely tremendous. I guess you can’t play this game forever, but I certainly appreciated the time he spent with us, for sure.”

Moore, commonly famous for ‘the butt fumble’ last season, claimed that he just couldn’t stand being away from his family, especially to go cross-country to the Cowboys’ camp in Oxnard, Calif. “He decided when he woke up this morning that he didn’t want to play football anymore,” Garrett said. “So we respect that decision.” Though this came as a surprise too many, the reasoning behind his actions are more than justifiable. Moore played 10 seasons for the New York Jet started all 16 games for the last eight of those seasons.

Other than football Moore has another passion, the Moore Family Foundation that he and his wife, Regina, began in December of 2010. “You preach academic and you preach making the right decisions and I drew a correlation when I spoke to them that when I show up on Sundays, I have amenities in place to help me perform, the hot tub the trainers,” says Moore, “And for them, it’s erasers, construction paper, and all these things t going to help them perform. They were excited about it and I just preached a strong academic year, to respect their peers and that I hoped they had a good year.”

Every child was given $100 gift card and allowed to shop, and pick out their own back to school supplies, including new clothes and shoes as well as class room supplies. Each child’s back packs were sagging off their shoulders stuffed with notebooks, pencils, rulers, glue, erasers and other supplies all catered to the individual levels they children were at. Thanks to the Moore Family Foundation the children, from kinder garden to 12 grade, of the boys’ and girls’ club of Newark will not be under prepared for school.

“I think about when I was a kid, and being able to have someone who plays professionally or you see on TV take the time out to be with you and try to motivate you, I enjoy doing that. I wish I could get out here more on the regular on a hanging out day.” Said Moore, “But I enjoy doing this. I just think about when I was a kid and people, not famous or on TV, took time out of their schedules to keep me on the right path, a lot of those people I owe to where I am today.”

So he may be retiring from football but he doesn’t have any plans to stop aiding the children of the Boys’ and Girls’ club. As a football player he will be remembered as a great guard, but just in life he will always stand out in minds as a phenomenal man.

Written By: KyAuna Alonzo


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