Two Violent Shootings Claimed the Lives of Four in Dallas

Where have all the heroes gone?

Two Violent Shootings Claimed the Lives of Four in Dallas,

Late Wednesday night, two violent shootings claimed the lives of four, wounding just as many, in Dallas, TX and a nearby suburb.

A man identified as Erbie Bowser, a self-proclaimed former Dallas Mavericks dancer, is the alleged suspect in the violent crime. According to Dallas police Sgt. Warren Mitchell, the suspect allegedly entered a Dallas home around 10:30, opening fire on the residents. This resulted in two people dead, and two more wounded. The same thing would happen down the road in De Soto township, with the same results. However, before the shooting began at the De Soto home, it would seem an explosive device was tossed into the residence. It was here that Bowser was arrested.

Cpl. Melissa Franks of the De Soto police took Bowser into custody without incident. According to various family members, the suspect was looking for his ex-girlfriend in the two homes. No charges have yet been filed.

Of course, more information will come in due time concerning this case, and so many others. Yet, one question will probably never be answered. We hear so much of these tragedies and these villains. Where have all the heroes gone?

Our world seems too much like a comic-book fantasy in recent years. What happened when James Holmes, a PhD student, sent bullets flying through that Colorado movie theatre? A total of twelve people died, and close to forty more were injured during the tragedy. And where was Batman? On the projector screen, unable to save any of those poor souls.

And what about this latest crime? Thankfully, a significantly smaller number of victims was involved, but that does not make it any less tragic. When Bowser wreaked havoc on these two homes and the people within them, looking for Peach, where was Mario? Nowhere to be found.

It would seem the villains have stepped out of the comics and the video games, right out into our everyday, non-fantasy world. Why have the heroes not flown out as well?

Instead, we have our everyday heroes, our run-of-the-mill police and fire-fighters, soldiers and plain citizens, fighting to keep our world safe. Concerning this recent shooting in Texas, police were able to intervene quickly, perhaps before the suspect could have entered more homes in the supposed search for his ex-girlfriend. The result in those unknown future homes could have been the same, if not worse, than the ones in Dallas and De Soto. These policemen and women, they are the heroes of this video game known as reality, not Mario, not Batman, and certainly not Superman.

So, how long can these everyday heroes last against the seeming supervillains the world keeps throwing at us?

Written By: Sabrina Bush



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