Beyonce Gets New Do

Beyonce’s hair is almost as famous as she is.  For years, the superstar singer/dancer/actress has rocked a long golden blonde mane. Beyonce is just as well known for her hair as she is for her 17 Grammy awards, her record breaking world tours, her chart topping music, and her marriage to rap mogul, Jay-Z.  Beyonce’s hair was even in the news last month when it became caught in a fan while the singer was performing at a Montreal concert. In a surprising move, Beyonce has decided to cut off all of her hair. On her Instagram last night, Beyonce revealed her brand new pixie cut.


In three photos featuring the former Destiny’s Child member admiring herself in a vanity, Beyonce shared her new look with the world.   Beyonce’s pixie cut is ombre with dark brown roots and honey blonde tresses.  Beyonce had her hair cut at the Brooklyn salon of hair stylist, Neal Farinah.  The singer had her hair cut on Tuesday and had it colored on Wednesday by colorist, Rita Hazan.  Hazan described the pixie cut as, “old Hollywood meets modern day. I started with her natural hair color. I left her base color the same and took thin pieces and highlighted them to this Champagne blond hair. It’s soft but strong at the same time.”  Hazan laughed when asked if this sudden change had anything to do with Beyonce’s hair getting caught in an onstage fan last month.  “No, no, not at all. I don’t think she even stopped singing. It’s insane.”

Fans and celebrities from all over the world have already weighed in on Beyonce’s new look.  Celebrity hair stylist, Andrew Barton told the Daily Mirror, “The clipped back look can be easily managed and has definitely taken a few years off the diva to give her a fresh and young look. The problem with this courageous look is that is lacks versatility.” Make up artist, Damone Roberts, offered, “Beyoncé’s new haircut will be the hottest haircut to hit America since Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ hairdo.”

Beyonce’s cut also caused an uproar on Twitter:

@BeyonceLand: It doesn’t matter if Beyoncé’s hair is short, long, curly or straight. She will always be the baddest in the game.

@danielgotskillz: I actually really like Beyonce’s new hair cut. Shows how naturally pretty she is.

@DinaPugliese: She looks un-BEY-weavable! Hair today, gone tom! Gorge!

@ginad129: Beyonce’s new hair is proof that the woman can do no wrong. She would look gorgeous bald and dressed in a potato sack. #NotFair

@kittenpav: Beyonce looks bad with her pixie cut. Sorry only Miley can pull it off and look hot.

@szl97: #Beyonce looks like Peter Pan with her new hair cut

@faithjaqcueline: I know my opinion doesn’t count for much, but I don’t like Beyonce’s new haircut. It suits Rihanna more.

Whatever length or style Beyonce’s hair is in the show must go on.  Mrs. Carter has just finished the summer leg of her world tour by performing in Brooklyn.  After a brief break, Beyonce heads across the pond to perform in England.

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