Jennifer Aniston Does She Have a Baby Bump?

Jennifer Aniston Does She Have a Baby Bump?

Jennifer Aniston Does She Have a Baby Bump?

Jennifer Aniston may have some sexy moves in her latest film, but the way she moved at the premiere of We’re the Millers, seemed to indicate a definite consciousness of her “rounded” tummy, does she have a baby bump? It certainly looked like it. With reporters talking about how tight her dress was and the new curves, it may be that Jennifer has let the “cat out-of-the-bag.”

The 44 year-old Friends alumni plays a stripper in her latest movie and apparently she does a pretty good job. When asked by ABC News where she’d learned those sexy moves, Jennifer said, “I had an amazing choreographer, who basically taught me what to do, and I just did what she told me.”

The word is that Jennifer was acting all “motherly” on the set of We’re the Millers. Her younger co-star Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric and niece of Julia, said that Aniston definitely mothered her on the set. Was Jennifer getting practicing?

The 22 year-old Scream 4 actress revealed that Jennifer took Emma under her wing and watched out for her. Emma said, “We just hung out, and there were a couple of times when she had some girlfriends over,” she added, ”We got to have girl time.”

Jennifer also said that she got very close to the rest of the cast. She said they were a “lovely group of people.” Apparently they were a fun group as well. “[We were] just trying to get through the day without laughing so much that we couldn’t finish the movie.” Aniston said, ”We had fun dinners on the weekend.”

Apparently so many fun dinners that her figure has gotten fuller in a certain area!

Her satin and beautifully made Burberry dress certainly showed off a more curvy and fuller figure at the premiere. Aniston definitely looked bigger in the “baby carrying” area of her anatomy. She was aware of the fuller tummy as well, even resting her hand on the possible “baby bump!”

Some other clues as to the origin of that newly spotted bump was the rumour that Jennifer was throwing vitamins down her throat as a USA TODAY interview just the other day. According to the media, she was glowing like a diamond at the New York premiere of her film. And we all know when women glow most, right?

She even looked stunning in an Instagram photo posted by her hairstylist the other day. Jennifer was sans makeup and she still looked stunning. They do say that pregnancy brings out the natural beauty in every woman.

Is that why she looks even more beautiful than usual?

When Aniston showed up for the movie event, she had on an incredibly tight, mid-length, strapless satin purple dress. But her dress took second place to that bump. Even her engagement ring was overshadowed by the new fuller figure. Her fans are ecstatic at the idea that the Friends favourite might be pregnant with her first baby.

Apparently a lot of comments on her “makeup-less” Instagram photo had to do with Jennifer’s new bump. Comments that claimed, She’s touching her belly again,” “Bump?? Baby bump??!” and “I’m pretty sure we are going to have a baby Justifer in the world in a few months.”

So is that new “fuller” tummy the result of too many “fun” dinners on the film shoot or does Jennifer Aniston have a new baby bump? Time will tell. Until we find out though, we can watch Jennifer and her co-stars in We’re the Millers from August 9.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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