Justin Bieber #MTVhottest and Most Victorious Celebrity This Weekend

A Very Emotional Weekend

Justin Bieber #MTVhottest and Most Victorious Celebrity This Weekend

Justin Bieber needs a whole newspaper outlet dedicated to all his accomplishments, strange behaviour and down right dangerous actions. However, this weekend has been somewhat of a victory for him, in more ways than one. Here are the four remarkable things that happened to Bieber this past weekend, and why we talked about #MTVHottest, and why he is the most victorious Celebrity du jour:

  • Justin no longer needs to worry about those pesky hit-and-run allegations. The Los Angeles Country District Attorney’s office reviewed the case, and decided not to pursue the matter further. The incident involved a paparazzi reporter outside of a nightclub in Sunset Blvd. the past month. The DA’s office was available for comment, and they stated the following: “insufficient evidence to prove that Bieber knowingly left the scene of collision in which someone was injured.” This might sound like Bieber was at fault, and he somehow was able to get the evidence to sway in his favor. However, it was entirely the reporter’s fault. He stepped in front of Justin’s car. The situation was that Bieber was motioned to stop and the paparazzo, Walter, decided to take another picture, than Walter: “stepped slightly in front of Bieber’s car on the right side to take another picture.” Which resulted in, “Bieber’s car hit Walter slightly on the leg, briefly pinning him against a car that had been parked in front of Bieber’s. Officers determined that Walter was at fault in the collision due to being in the roadway and blocking Bieber’s vehicle.” The DA’s office concluded, much to Bieber’s own statement: “The Ferrari’s engine is loud. The impact was minor and given the chaotic scene and stress of the situation, it is likely that Bieber did not know he had hit Walter,” the DA’s office concluded. Leaving him without a doubt the most victorious celebrity this weekend. In addition you might want to check out what happened with: #MTVHottest, by reading on.
  • Justin didn’t appreciate his fans throwing things at him this past weekend when he was performing. The items they threw at him ranged from underwear to iPhones. He was visibly disturbed when a fan threw underwear near his face. He exclaimed: “Will (you stop) throwing things already…” Which he proceeded with: “Can you please refrain from throwing things on stage please thank you. Do you guys want me to keep performing or what?…” And he finished with a frantic: “No no no no! Refrain.. means don’t throw… Do you guys wanna keep throwing things on stage or do you want me to keep performing?” All of this resulted in a fan not knowing how to get his attention and therefore, throwing an iPhone on stage. This made Justin laugh and put the phone down his pants while thanking the audience for being so generous. (He said he needed a new iPhone and he got one.)
  • Bieber has new ink on his body. It is a rose and many believe that it is dedicated to his ex: Selena Gomez. This is because he gave her one single red rose on her birthday once. They tatoo artists, Keith McCurdy, who inked Bieber had this to say: “He’s so gracious he hangs with his fans who waited hours while he was tattooed.”
  • Justin is on the MTV hottest list and he is second on it right now. If you are interested to crown him number one, you just have to add #MTVHottest followed by Justin Bieber. According to MTV: the voting is based on the hashtag tweet volume. You have time to do so until the 18th of August. Ofcourse if you prefer Lady Gaga to win, or One Direction, the same is true. However, the name has to be changed.

Lets hope for Justin that his Sunday will be nice and quiet, without any drama and that he can enjoy his victories. Because Bieber is without a doubt the most victorious Celebrity this weekend. You can either support him by tweeting: #MTVHottest or voting for another celeb and therefore, showing Justin that you don’t.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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