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Jennifer Lopez Loose Lips

Jennifer Lopez Loose Lips

There is an old military saying that goes, loose lips sink ships. And Jennifer Lopez has discovered that loose lips can also let the cat out of the bag in terms of American Idol judging.

After many weeks of guesswork by fans of the show, sources, have confirmed that Lopez will be returning for season 13 of American Idol. Or to be more accurate, a source has confirmed that the 44 year-old performer is coming back as a judge. After having been on board for two seasons already, 2011 and 2012, rumours have been rife as to whether she would be back for a third appearance.

The only information that FOX Network has released has to do with Keith Urban returning. Earlier in August this year at the Summer TCA Press tour, Kevin Reilly said about the American Idol judge lineup, “I can’t talk too much about it . . . I will confirm one thing is Keith is gonna return to the show.”

Reilly also shared the news that, in his opinion, “Keith did a great job last year, the fans really liked him. Keith’s a really funny guy.”

But all the speculation is over now that Lopez’ toy boy Caspar Smart inadvertently let the “cat out of the bag.” When asked by reporters about his lady returning to the show, Caspar said, “Yes.”

His loose lips gave the answer that immediately put all speculation to rest. Although, to be fair to Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, he was under the impression that either the FOX Network or his sweeties publicist had already released the information.

American Idol suffered from poor ratings in the viewer stakes. The network felt the answer was to change up the judging panel. Randy Jackson was the first to announce his departure at the end of season 12 and soon after the combative Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey announced their departure.

We aren’t too sure that the answer to American Idol’s future is getting either Keith Urban or JLo on the judging panel. Since season 11, the show has suffered a severe hemorrhage in viewing numbers which severely affecting the shows ratings.

By the season 12 finale, the show had a drop of over seven million viewers which was an all time low for the entire run of the FOX show.

In terms of judges, season one consisted of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. The three judge format was continued from season eight. Paula Abdul was the first of the “original” judges to move off the show, followed by Cowell in 2011. The remaining season one judge, Randy Jackson announced his departure after the 12th season.

Ellen DeGeneres came on for one season as a judge and in season ten Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez came on for two seasons. While trying to come up with a judging line-up for season 13, several names were thrown into the ring, with JLo being odds on favourite to return.

Now that Jennifer Lopez has been confirmed as a judge in the new season by her loose lipped boyfriend, and with Kevin Reilly confirming Keith Urban, we can only hope that Caspar knows who the other judges will be. Chances are, if reporters ask the right question, he might well tell us.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom