Joe Rogan Questions Everything Biopocalypse August 14 Episode (Review)


“Is the world going to be wiped out by a Biopocalypse?” Joe Rogan asks at the beginning of the episode about the coming Biopocalpyse. “These things are live, they outnumber us, and they could wipe us out,” he says, speaking of potentially deadly bioengineered viruses.

“The might get help spreading by one of the most dangerous organisms, mankind,” he adds, and speaks of the possibility that biomartyrs are planning to spread deadly viruses across America.

Joe Rogan talks to a scientist, Sergie Popov who shows him a bottle of bio-organisms which would be enough to wipe out the entire stadium of people.

“There were trenches — huge trenches — full of anthrax,” the Russian scientist says. There was a cover-up.

The Russian scientist  tells Rogan that people could go there, today, and walk in the trenches. They are not fenced in nor guarded at all. He also says that it’s absolutely possilbe for all of mankind to be wiped out by viruses, like the hemorrhagic virus, which causes bleeding from all of your orifices.

“You just scared the bleep out of me,” Rogan tells him, “Congratulations.”

Next, Rogan talks to an American scientist, Tony Kimeron or maybe Cameron — I didn’t catch the last name very  well —  about the dangers of bioterrorism.

“If people knew about all of the dangers that  bioterrorism presents, a lot of people would be staying awake at night,” Tony tells Rogan.

He ran the Weapons of Mass Destruction Unit of the CIA. He said that terrorists have already sent people over here who were deliberately infected so that they could spread the infections,  viruses, here.

“People are playing with creating brand-new diseases, which no one has seen before,” the scientist tells Rogan. “We’d be playing catch-up right from the start.”

Rogan tells the camera that there are individuals who are experimenting with bioterrorism right now. Cameron says that zombies could be created, through a virus that someone bioengineers.

For very little money, you could create your own labs,” Tony says to Joe. “Bioterrorism is the biggest threat we face now. You could effectively come up with a zombie virus,” he suggests, possibly one that’s a hybrid of rabies.

“So, someone is going to come along, create a brand new virus, take it to a large population area, and it spreads,” Rogan says, and Tony agrees with him.

Next, Rogan talks to Paul Carlson, a bioengineer who says that we shouldn’t be worried, and that most bioengineers are interested in creating good things.

Rogan goes to the BioPunk lab of Carlson, who is an admitted “biohacker.” He tells Rogan that a concern might be if someone in a garage creates something dangerous and spreads it.

“Do you do any kind of background check on these folks?” Rogan asks him, about the people who use Carlson’s lab to create new hybrids.

Carlson admits that he doesn’t, but he adds that it wouldn’t really make any difference if he did.  People could do the same sorts of biohacking and bioengineering from their own homes.

Proud of his company, Carlson tells Rogan: “I can make it like any other company in this country, through starting in my own garage.” He is  a small businessman, but he has high hopes that his company will continue to attract clients and grow.

“There are people who have concerns about things like biohacking,” Rogan tells Carlson. “Are their concerns justified?”

“I’m talking to a BioPunk pioneer, Paul Carlson, about the dangers of having a homemade lab,” Rogan says, re-introducing Carlson as the show returns from the last commercial break.

“I always relish the opportunity of wearing rubber gloves and safety glasses,” Rogan says.  “What would it cost to create a lab like this?

“A  couple of thousand dollars,” Carlson tells him.

“Now, the real concern amongst people who look at these labs is bioengineering of dangerous organisms,” Rogan says.

Carlson tells him that it’s possible for someone to create a dangerous virus there, but all they’d really need is a table and sink, and they could do the same thing basically anywhere.

Then, we see Rogan’s friend, Duncan — from the podcasts Rogan conducts — in Kansas.

Duncan says: “I know where to come if the bleep hits the fan.”It’s a place that seem to be in the middle of nowhere, but it’s fenced in. He keeps saying: “Hello? Is there anyone here?”

Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

“Welcome to Vivos,” says a man who works there and possibly runs the survivalist place of sanctuary in a cave. He tells Duncan that anyone who comes there can survive for at least a year. They have food, airtight doors, etc. — he claims that even viruses can be kept out. “People can drive their RVs in here,” he says.

“Can you walk me thorough what a biopandemic would be like?” Duncan asks him.

“It could be a Hell on Earth,” the man answers.

He says in response to the question from duncan about if he’s heard of biopunks that yes, he’s heard of the  biopunks, but also says there’s literally thousands of threats out there. He adds that he would be willing to do whatever it takes, including using violence, to keep Vivos safe, if that’s what it would take.

“I just hope that Duncan has found a place to ride out the coming Viral Winter,” Rogan tells the camera, as the show comes back from commercial break.

“This was definitely the creepiest place I’ve ever been in my life,” Duncan later tells Rogan, back in the podcast studio. He tells Rogan that the man he met is comparing himself to Noah. He says the place isn’t really developed yet — there are just plans to develop it.

Duncan says: “I’d rather get eaten by wild, ravenous dogs,” rather than spend the Viral Winter in some cave with the guy from Kansas he met.

“The most terrifying thing I’ve seen,” a scientist tells Rogan, “are that there are viruses now that are resistant, superbugs, killing people in hospitals around the country.

“We think that we rule the planet? No; microbes do. We will not win the war on microbes — they are the most adaptable things on the planet. It’s our wits versus their genes, and lately, we haven’t been using our wits enough to combat them, while they are still using their genes.”

“On the one hand, we have these micro-organisms that are needed for our life, and on the other hand, they can be the most dangerous things on the planet,” Rogan says.

It’s a very real and potentially dangerous quandary.

After more commercials, Rogan says: “The Biopocalypse might be created in any of the labs across the country. But, even on their own, the micro-organismns mutate and new diseases arrive on a daily basis.”

Mers was one of them. Many people now think Mers originated from camels.

“Mort Jones,” Rogan says, is the name of one of the diseases. Morgellons is the name — people pull out fibrous threads from their bodies, black threads, oftentimes.

Rogan speaks to a scientist about the disease, one who has it, himself. He says they were like cactus spines — he had one in his eyes. He shows Rogan a scar where he had a lesion in his eye — the stuff in his eye had been like little balls of fibers.

No one seems to know where the diease comes from, though the scientist says he heard they are related to Lyme disease. People who have been tested appropriately have also been shown to have had Lyme disease, the scientist tells Rogan.

Rogan takes a sealed envelope of fibers to a scientist he received from a woman who claims they came out of her body.

“One first glance, what do these look like to you?” Rogan says.

“Like hairs, or bark,  the scientist says. “This one is very smooth,” he says about another sample. One sample looks very different from the other samples, in that it’s colored.

Then, when the scientist looks at yet another sample under the microscope, Rogan sees it and says: “That — what the hell is that?”

The scientist answers: “I haven’t got a clue.”

The look at the object under an electron microscope. They examine the sample under about 100,000x magnification. “These — these look like diatemacious earth,” he says.

“Is it possible that these are from human skin?”

“There’s nothing that indicates these came out of a human,” the scientist answers him.

While Rogan knows about the disease, and that it’s a real disease, he still seemed to be a bit skeptical that at least some of the sample he was sent really came out of a person’s body.

Maybe they did; maybe they didn’t, but the fact remains it’s one very bizarre disease that relatively little is known about so far.

“The biggest threat to mankind is biology itself,” Rogan says at the end of this intriguing episode. “We just have to hope we win more battles than the microorganisms do,” he says.

But, can we do that? The superbugs and other microorganisms just might be the ones who, ultimately, win the war against humans, instead of us defeating them.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

8 Responses to "Joe Rogan Questions Everything Biopocalypse August 14 Episode (Review)"

  1. dZ   August 29, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Agrobacterium is used to GM our food supply and it’s DNA has been shown to be absorbed by people and it changes human DNA. Agrobacterium causes a genetically induced disease called “crown gall disease” in plants. It is an opportunistic infection that takes advantage of a weakened immune system. The typical progression is that someone gets “Lyme” and that compromises their immune system then sometime down the road they develop morgellons disease also. Morgellons is crown gall disease in humans.

  2. Kimmie   August 18, 2013 at 2:01 am

    Morgellons is an absolute nightmare. And there is no denying the very real, although ridiculously bizarre, “stuff” that goes on with the skin. Among a million other bizarre things.. But, they do… Everyone you try to share this with, including doctors, try to minimize it. If they only knew

  3. douglascobb   August 16, 2013 at 10:15 am

    The whole Plum Island concept by itself is soemthing I personally don’t think the U.S.A. should be involved in, on any level, other than maybe developing antidotes for deadly viruses. Some rumors are around taht it was ticks from experiments on Plum Island that have spread Lyme Diease, and if Morgellans is also soemthing which some people who have Lyme Disease can develop, that is even worse.

  4. Dolores M Juliano   August 16, 2013 at 4:10 am

    As a microbiologist myself this episode reminded me of why I am so petrified by the US government’s decision to move the animal lab out on Plum Island … A maximum security laboratory where they work with the most deadly bacteria and viruses in the world directly into the heartland of our food supply, Kansas. The potential devastation caused by a leak out there could kill millions! As much as I don’t like living so close to this kind of lab, I think it needs to stay there … On an isolated island!

  5. Douglas Cobb   August 15, 2013 at 12:14 am

    You’re absolutely correct, Duane–thanks for your comment! The U.S. has played perhaps a bigger role than any other country in the creation of deadly viruses and other biological agents. Some of the people in power try to justify it by saying that we need such ruthless means to fight enemies who can also be extremely ruthless, but I have never liked the fact that the U.S. is involved in such activities.

  6. Douglas Cobb   August 14, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    I am sorry to hear that you have it, and I hope that more is discovered about it soon, and also about a potential cure. One thing about this show of Joe Rogan’s I like is that he presents controversial topics many other shows shy away from. but, on the down side, he is sometimes a bit too skeptical, and he might not have examined enough of the evidence that’s readily available. I suppose he was inclined to believe an “expert,” but with little known about the disease, sometimes even “experts” are mystified.

  7. Duane Thomas Gworek CET   August 14, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    I can’t believe Joe forgot to mention that the United States has the biggest stock of bio-weapons in the world. More than three times what the former USSR had in their “trenches”. Another thing Joe didn’t mention is that the United States is refusing to destroy ANY of the stockpile of what I believe is VX nerve agent. A very inhumane way of dying. It kills by attacking the CNS system. Joe is usually so up on these topics. It really surprised me he never mentioned this or made the trip to the New Mexico stockpile. It may be a newer version of VX, I can’t recall.

  8. Wendy   August 14, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    I have Morgellons The samples that the biologist looked at through a high powered microscope look like what comes out of my skin. The biologist said that one of the samples looked like a sponge and could not have came out of the human body. He is so dead wrong. We have known about the sponge looking material for along time. This material is one of the many strange looking materials that comes out of our skin .


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