Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson Song Leaked [Listen Here]

Justin Bieber on MJ Track


A song that Michael Jackson recorded prior to his death in 2009 that also featured Justin Bieber has been leaked this weekend.

The track, called ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ has already been played on top UK radio station, Capital FM.

Bieber made a mention about his excitement for what is to come regarding the upcoming track on his Twitter account.  He paid homage to Michael Jackson whilst also suggesting that perhaps he has a few things to learn about the way that the King of Pop behaved as an icon as well as towards his loyal fans.

Is Justin Bieber turning a corner?

The Biebs tweeted:

The track, ‘Slave to the Rhythm’, not to be mistaken with that of the legendary Grace Jones, has an up-tempo dance beat, once again keeping Michael Jackson up with the times, even from beyond this earthly realm.  Listen to it here:

Bieber seems to be turning a corner – or at least making the right moves in what seems to be an attempt to do so, as it was also reported by Entertainment Wise that the teenager has also been heavily involved with the Make A Wish Foundation, recently having granted fans two hundred wishes and cracking the charity’s record.

Keep this up, Bieber, and you just might win some of your fans back.

Written by: Brucella Newman

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