Oscar Pistorius May Face New Charges

Oscar Pistorius May Face New Charges
Oscar Pistorius


Oscar Pistorius will, once again, see the inside of a courtroom on August 19, for deliberation over his looming trial date, as he may face new charges. Sources have said that the trial seems to be set for February or March 2014.

During Valentine’s, of 2013, Paralympian Star, Oscar, had made the news for allegedly shooting Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend, in their Pretoria home.

In his case Oscar says that he had mistaken Reeva, as a burglar. Hours before the shooting, neighbors reported hearing screaming from the paralympian’s home.

Oscar was charged with pre-meditated murder in his bail hearing a few days later, by the National Prosecuting Authority.

His family have supported him, showing up daily in his bail hearing, but women’s activists have also been in attendance at the bail hearing.

Twitter fans, however, also supported the paralympian star, leaving messages to him.

Hilton Botha, who was the original lead detective on the case, was stood down on the grounds that he was due to face attempted murder charges.

During the hearing Pistorius broke down, while a letter detailing his version of the incident was produced in court, the proceedings had to be stopped.

Pistorius was granted a 1 million ZAR ($114,000) bail with a few restrictions on February 22. His restrictions were that he was not allowed to drink alcohol, but that was withdrawn on march 28. He was then allowed to travel out of the country for athletic competitions and, now, it seems his probation official does not need to supervise the sporting legend anymore.

A few months later pictures were published to the media of the bloody bathroom and the trail of blood, where Steenkamp had been shot; once again Pistorius made headlines.

Police are trying to unlock Pistorius’s iPhone as they believe that it holds vital information of evidence to the crime. Pistorius said that he has forgotten is pin code and that they must turn to Apple in helping them to get the information. A week before his next court appearance, police have concluded their investigation.

Lead investigator Lieutenant General Vineshkumar Moonoo has said “I cannot say Pistorius’s memory failure is suspicious, but the mobile phones were clearly in use up to the time of the killing,”

It was revealed that Pistorius will face two more charges for the discharge of a firearm in public.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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