Justin Bieber’s Silly Naked Picture Leaked

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TMZ really knows how to open up on a Monday! The picture in question was posted on the popular celebrity gossip site, portraying a nude, save guitar, silly picture of the Biebs.  A further odd connection in this photo? Bieber was crooning to his grandmother. Yes, he was singing to granny during a family Holiday visit:  “I loooove you grandmaaaa … how are youuuu … helloooo grandma.”

Bieber’s body may seem less familiar to people who like watching the wanna-be stud post pictures on his Twitter account. The picture was snapped last October when he was visiting his grandmother for a family-filled and naked guitar-playing Canadian Thanksgiving. This means the picture depicts fewer tattoos from that time to now; currently the star is marked up and down his arm.

The silly picture has created audible and virtual responses of “LOL” as Biebs is fully exposed (though not entirely) to the world on a global social media scale. The Mirror UK reports the family of the teen singing sensation found the naked singing act “endearing, like he’s some kind of human Bart Simpson.”

Some of the entertaining  responses regarding the nudie pic posted by TMZ came from The Daily Beast where some users posted complimentary comments such as:

  • “I need some bleach to get that picture out of my mind”
  • “Can someone give him a diaper to wear? “
  • “Just the fact that DB and myself are commenting are indications that the end of civilization is near.”
  • “Laugh. I’m not saying it’s okay but Justin Bieber is an idiot and acting like a fool. Why do we even take him seriously!”

It can only be predicted these intriguing and fun comments will be ongoing to dispel the Monday blues as tired workers get home from a long and grueling day at the office. Energize your Tuesday with a laugh and smile, or even a nod of appreciation! No worries; the Biebs was a few months past his 18 birthday when the picture was posted.

Honestly, the oddly innocent picture can boost the image of the troubled singer, who has tried to mature under the spotlight and continues to be drawn into trouble. Some examples of the Biebs’ more interesting acts include:

  • Stepping on the Blackhawk’s logo-an absolute NO!
  • Bieber was busted urinating in a bucket outside of an upscale New York nightclub. Even a picture of former Prez Bill Clinton became a target for the sickening display of Bieber’s bodily release.
  • He and his entourage were denied entry to a nightclub, even after one of his goons tried bribing the bouncer.
  • A hit-and-run accident where a paparazzo was the victim pinned the blame on Bieber. The case was later dropped by the prosecutor, advising a lack of sufficient evidence.
  • Bieber has been showing up radically late to concerts. Claims surfaced it was because the ‘Boyfriend’ singer couldn’t put down the game remote.

Hate him or love him, the Biebs will be in the spotlight for many years to come; from his bratty escapades to his nudies being leaked. This truly reveals a silly side of the singer, and the public can only expect more interesting and eyebrow-raising antics from the teen dream crooner.

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