Justin (Is Fame Making You Crazy) Bieber, You’re Still Misbehaving

Justin (Is Fame Making You Crazy) Bieber, You’re Still Misbehaving

It seems like today’s tabloids are ladened with the tasteless, blatant and immature antics of Justin (Is Fame Making You Crazy?) Bieber.  Of late, he has either been “quoted” for saying, or videotaped doing, that, which is unbecoming of a superstar, or of any person of sound, moral character.  There is an unspoken obligation that is expected from those in the entertainment industry.  And though we’re all humans, making daily mistakes, there’s only one who’s divine, and His name isn’t Justin Bieber.  Now don’t get me wrong, no one’s asking Justin to be a role model, but since impressionable pre-teens, teens, and adults (young and old) look up to him, and enjoy his music, can’t we at least expect decency?  Without a doubt, many other entertainers fall-short-the-mark, and act much worse than Justin, but he’s trending now, so I’m talking about him.  But before I opinionate, let’s recapitulate a few of Justin’s newsworthy headlines:

  • Justin Bieber peeing in a mop bucket
  • Justin Bieber Booed At 2013 Billboard Awards
  • Justin Bieber puts fan’s phone down his pants
  • Justin Bieber Spit on His Neighbor Yesterday
  • Fans hurl objects at Justin Bieber during concert
  • Justin Bieber — Apologizes for Smoking Weed
  • Justin Bieber Slammed by Jon Bon Jovi: The Biebs’ Many Celeb Critics

To many, Justin Bieber is a pseudo god, to others, a superstar!  But in reality, he’s just another spoiled, over-privileged, and cocky, 19-year-old, with lots and lots of money.

In May of this year, while accepting his Billboard award, the Bieb’s made two prolific statements:   1. that “he was 19 years-old;” and, 2. that “he wanted to be taken seriously as an artist.”  OMG, Justin!  This year, more than ever, youth, weed and negative publicity have affixed new nomenclature to the name of Justin Bieber. Talk about your “triple negatives.”

Looking back at the Bieb’s meteoric rise to fame, I’m truly impressed.  Justin Drew Bieber, Born:  March 1, 1994, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada was discovered in 2008 by Scott Samuel Braun aka Scooter Braun, an American talent agent.  Braun came across several music videos, which were posted on YouTube by Bieber’s mother. One video of Bieber, then a 12-year-old tween, showed him performing at a talent show (I saw it myself.)  Although Beiber didn’t win 1st prize at the talent show, he won 1st prize with Braun; who saw exactly what I did… TALENT! Months later, Braun, had become the manager of an unknown singer with the underdeveloped talent, who was on the rise to fame.  In 2009, with the help of superstar Usher Raymond, Beiber was signed to Island Def Jam records.  His first single, “One Time,” made it to platinum, and his album, “My World,” was met with equaled success.  By the following year, Bieber was a star, and by 2011, well…you know the rest. Just look at the tabloids.

Justin Bieber is a young man with many talents:  singer, song-writer and actor.  He has been featured in several movies, “School Gyrls,” and “Never Say Never.”  He’s also an accomplished musician; with a penchant for learning and playing various instruments.

It would appear that his ability to successfully multi-task has not only made him a superstar, but has also garnered him millions of fans from around the world.

As an entertainer, Justin Bieber’s career could span many decades.  And undoubtedly, as he matures into manhood, and flourishes as an entertainer, the world will probably be his oyster, if only, he’d just stop misbehaving.


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Written by DeBorah Heggs



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  1. L.Belieber   August 21, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    nao chinga quem vc n conhece por favor….ele nao arrogante! CALA A BOCA ELE NAO É MIMADO E NEM ARROGANTE! ELE SÓ TA REALIZANDO O SONHO DELE…SE NAO SABE NAO FALA

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