Kanye West: from Musical Hits to Physical Beats [Video]

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Kanye West is particularly well known for his acerbic tongue and lack of diplomacy. The rapping sensation demonstrated, once again, that he doesn’t exactly possess the deftest of touches when it comes to social interactions, after allegedly attempting to physically beat a member of the paparazzi. Sadly, this recent altercation will unlikely be the hit that Kanye was hoping for.

Resultantly, Kanye West has now been struck with a lawsuit, which was filed by Gloria Allred. The lawsuit indicates that West physically assaulted Danny Ramos on July 19, at LAX airport.

Kanye West was travelling through Los Angeles International Airport when he was confronted by a videographer, named Danny Ramos. Mr. Ramos made a series of enquiries, regarding a statement that Kanye had announced to a completely separate group of photographers, a week prior; according to The Wrap, Kanye had demanded the photographers to not talk to him or anybody he knew.

Ramos, perhaps deliberately attempting to unsettle the star, fixated on Kanye’s previous requests. According to Allred, Ramos was within 10 meters distance of West when he began firing off his questions (although, it certainly seems a shorter distance in the video):

“Kanye, can we talk to you, Kanye? What’s going on? Why can’t we talk to you? I mean why?”

Kanye West Assault at LAX AirportSeemingly, this infuriated the “Jesus Walks” artist, as West launched at Ramos and became engaged in a public brawl. Punches and hits were allegedly hurled towards the videographer, and the musical sensation physically grappled with Ramos in an attempt to disarm him of his recording device. Allred claims that the beating was completely unsolicited and was launched “without warning.”

After the somewhat shameful display, Ramos was transported to a hospital, where he was examined by medical staff for injuries. Allred maintains that Ramos’ right hip sustained damage.

However, the matter does not simply extent to bodily harm. Allred passionately believes that Kanye West had deliberately acted to prevent Ramos from pursuing his “lawful occupation.” In doing so, Kanye has seemingly amassed a biblical number of infringements, including assault, battery, interference of another’s civil rights, as well as negligence (gasps for breath).

Allred really attempts to hammer the issue home and begins discussing a series of trite and irrelevant details, including the obvious fact that Kanye is “rich and famous,” and that celebrity figures enjoy many splendors from their labor.

Of course, if Kanye has committed a felony, the man should be brought to justice and make amends. There is absolutely no excuse for this undignified behavior.

However, this incident does make you reflect on the videographer’s mea culpa. To what extent was he really pushing West, and how? In addition, one must always question the legitimacy of such claims and thoroughly investigate them.

Like many, I have personally watched the alleged brawl take place. I agree that Kanye West responded in an aggressive and threatening manner, and was clearly attempting to take Ramos’ video recorder; he also made physical contact with the paparazzo. However, I am personally unable to see how Mr. Ramos could have sustained even minor damage from the brief scuffle, unless he had a pre-existing medical condition.

Putting the nature of these allegations to one side, however, Kanye West failed to demonstrate any form of restraint or civility. This has, quite rightly, landed the musical hit-maker in hot waters. Violence of any kind is obviously unacceptable, whether it be physical beatings, wrestling or even threats of intimidation. Sometimes, you just have to learn to walk away.

By: James Fenner


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