Nickelodeon ‘Fred’ Star Lucas Cruikshank Comes Out as Gay [Video]

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Lucas Cruikshank, infamously known as Youtube star, turned Nickelodeon star Fred- has come out as gay. During a Youtube show with his BFF, Fred revealed he is gay. There was some speculation previously if Cruikshank was gay, but he’s always maintained his fun loving character and side-stepped questions. Cruikshank stated his closest friends and family had known over the past few years and his darling best friend Jenny admitted she knew when she met him.

The Internet star turns 20 later this month, and has earned a path of followers with his flamboyant style and Fred voice. For four years, Cruikshank drew critics and fans to his character Fred Figglehorn. Fred has a large following as a boy diagnosed with ADHD and a troubled family. The Fred act is annoying to some and loved by many, Cruikshank has one especially famous fan. Cher tweeted her support for Cruikshank, and stated she was “proud” of the young star for his open honesty.

Nickelodeon took notice of the star power Cruikshank brought to Youtube and offered him a deal. In 2009, Cruikshank delivered Fred: The Movie to Nickelodeon, the kid aimed channel aired it nearly a year later, drawing in another dynamic field of fans for Cruikshank. Fred was requested again and parts 2 and 3 have revived since that time.  So, who is Fred Figglehorn?

  • Fred is a young child between the not specific age of six to nine years old.
  • Has a mother who is still recovering from alcohol abuse and may be a hooker.
  • Has a father who is possibly on death row.
  • Lives with his grandmother.
  • Goes through a myriad of experiences; such as swimming, Halloween ventures, bullying and school crushes.

Sure, while the voice of Fred can be annoying, the stories presented offer a certain point of connectivity for many kids and teens. Fred lives a rather risque life, embedded with troubled parents and dealing with the side-effects of his life. This poignant approach to Youtube has connected with tens of thousands of people. The series is long-running and continuously surprises long-time critics.

Perhaps, Cruikshank seeks to find a spotlight in his sibling stew. While Fred may be an only child, Cruikshank is the middle child of seven other siblings. He also assures in many interviews he stems from a loving mother and father. Cruikshank has earned followers from his appearances on the Teen Choice Awards, iCarly, Hannah Montana and Big Time Rush. The young star is the newest celebrity to confirm his sexuality.

Oddly, as flamboyant as Cruikshank immerses into Fred, he admits in his coming out video, that he felt awkward. The humble moment casts a respectable light for the young star. He took a big step, regardless people may had guessed or are just finding out. It is that support that strengthened him to dash rumors and come out to confirm he is gay. The 2009 winner of the Choice Web Star award continues to make videos with a new appreciation from fans. Cruikshank, creator of Fred will continue to delight or aggravate audiences, his sexuality should never alter the point of response from fans. Like him or dislike him, Fred is here to stay- perpetually young and silly!

Angelina Bouc

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