Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton’s Embarrassing Feud

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Two friends who were posing and touring together are now at one another’s necks. Lady Gaga is claiming Perez Hilton is stalking her, Hilton is calling his former friend insane. This embarrassing display shows a deeper issue that possibly should be addressed, maybe outside of Twitter. Mother Monster  stated when she was healing from hip surgery, Hilton sent her a picture. The picture depicted Gaga sitting in a wheelchair, but Hilton added KARMA across the front, with Madonna photo-shopped near her with a gun to her head.

Gaga took to Twitter to advise her ravenous little monster fans of the text picture she still kept. Death threats stemmed to Hilton from angry fans, forcing Gaga to delete the tweet and asking fans to ignore Hilton and “Just Dance.” Hilton responded, stating he, of course, never sent the text message and is deeply hurt by his long-time friend.

The feud is embarrassing, because these two celebrities are already in the spotlight for outrageous behavior, continuously. To see them lower the bar and become catty, hit Twitter and toss cap letters at one another is a bit blush-worthy. It seems something ugly happened between the two and instead of addressing that matter, both are instead playing word games on social media.

Fans across the board are split. Hilton claims he is looking to relocate back to his hometown New York, and ask his Realtor for quality home space. He reported his Realtor located a vacate apartment in a building, he later found out, Gaga lived in. This of course causes questions as the two were very close for a number of years, and one ponders if Hilton did know Gaga’s residential locations. Then again it could also be a radical coincidence.

Gaga taking it to Twitter has left a bad taste for many parents across the globe, as Hilton has a baby son and death threats from incensed little monsters included threats against the baby. Regardless, of emotions, threatening an innocent baby is sick. Some of the tweets displayed are upsetting and not posted here due to language displayed. Some fans threatened to kill Hilton’s son, others threatened to burn the infant and yet another threatened to kidnap the baby. The link of the tweets against Hilton is below from Twitchy’s website.

Hilton has shared that he is worried for his life and the life of his son. One concern that cannot be blamed. Certainly, we can jest of the embarrassing antics of these two celebrities, but it turns a darker shade of worry when an innocent child becomes a verbal target. The responsibility falls to both. Gaga, while outlandish should know many of her fans suffer from celebrity worship syndrome, and will take her tweets almost too personally. The best thing for Hilton to do is completely ignore the situation and stop responding. The feud is completely unnecessary once families start becoming involved. It’s time for ownership of mistakes and faults. In the meantime, fans should probably stop committing so deeply to celebrities as death threats can land them in a world of trouble, based on a flash of brief emotion.

Once BFFs, now enemies.
Once BFFs, now enemies.

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