Alex Rodriguez Has Made the Yankees Relevant Again [Video]

New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox At Fenway Park

Since returning to the New York Yankees lineup, Alex Rodriquez has again made them a relevant force in baseball. He’s superbly hitting .296 with a .387 on-base percentage; Tuesday’s sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays in a doubleheader referenced his prowess. Winning eight of their last 10 games with Rodriguez, they’re hitting nearly 70 points higher and averaging 1.4 more runs a game.

“I’m the crazy man that wants to go compete,” Rodriguez was reported as saying. “This is who I am.” Close friends of Rodriguez reported he is fed up with the Jerry Springer type dramatics around his suspension controversy. A-Rod is certainly not happy with the hassles his teammates face in questions from the media and subversive comments by other players in the league.

“MLB is unjustly punishing Rodriguez,” said Joe Tacopina, Rodriguez’s attorney. “MLB doesn’t have evidence to ban him for an inning, let alone twice the amount anyone has been suspended for performance-enhancing drug use.” He contends MLB officials are violating criminal law in aggressively seeking information surrounding the allegations. Partnering with a known drug dealer leads to questions of fairness in regards to the Rodriguez controversy.

Rodriguez is rightfully tired of the theatrics of the controversy and has focused more on playing baseball. Alex Rodriguez has made the Yankees relevant again and has goals of a playoff berth with the team for the upcoming season. In interviews with the media Rodriguez admitted to making mistakes but believes in the support of the Yankee’s organization.

Manager Joe Girardi was thrown from the game for charging the home-plate after Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster drilled him with the ball. It was speculated that Dempster was not happy with Rodriguez over the suspension incident and purposely carried out the deed. Dempster himself faces suspension and was ridiculed for his actions.

“There’s never been a case like this that ever got close to a courtroom. No prosecutor would bring that to a courtroom. It’s beyond circumstantial. And he never tested positive for performance-enhancement drugs,” said Tacopina. He described MLB investigators as practicing thug tactics in acquiring information for use against Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is resolute to remain silent on the issue and has made the Yankees relevant again in the MLB which is part of his job duties. He is playing good ball and working with his teammates to successfully produce for the Yankee’s organization. Rodriguez wants his day in court to finally put the entire incident to rest. “Their case is in shambles,” Tacopina said. “They can talk a tough game, but we’ll see how they act in a courtroom and a court proceeding. I will annihilate them.”

By Thomas Barr

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