NYPD’s Ray Kelly Supports Racially Biased Policing? [Video]


Police Commissioner Ray Kelly supports the NYPD’s current policy of stop and frisk, which was pronounced racially biased by a judge. Kelly denounced U.S. District Judge Shira Scheinlin for ruling that NYPD was engaged in racial discrimination. The Judge recommended that the NYPD needed to explore ways to prevent racial profiling with the use of video cameras.

Judge Scheinlin ruled that at least 200,000 stops were made without reasonable cause against largely minority populations. In the last ten years it was reported that the police have stopped, questioned and patted down about 5 million people whom mainly were minorities. Of those stopped 87% was Black or Hispanic, who represent 54% of the population resulting in 10% probable arrests or summons.

“Just because there are more murders in our community doesn’t mean that you can treat all of us like we are guilty,” said Benjamin Jealous, NAACP National President. Jealous was interviewed on earlier remarks made by Kelly ridiculing the judge’s ruling. “He’s just way off base,” said Jealous of Commissioner Kelly.

On a news show, NYPD’s Ray Kelly gave affirmations of the racially biased policing practice supporting its implementation. “The losers will be the minority community if this ruling is not overturned,” said Kelly. Kelly believed that the judge’s decision was based on skewed data. Kelly reported that killings in the city were down during the entire tenure of Michael Bloomberg as a result of the policy.

“Things are going right here in New York. And the decision certainly has the potential of overturning it,” Said Kelly in an interview with ABC News. Kelly focused on the results of the policy and supported the fact that lower killing rates were the benefit of maintaining the practice.

The Judge described Kelly’s approach as wrong and intentionally racially biased in its implementation. The Judge made the reasoning, “because the stopped population is overwhelmingly innocent, not criminal, it’s wrong,” she said of the policy. Recommendations she posed for changes included equipping officers with cameras and control monitoring of public interactions.

Kelly was noticeably hostile against any recommendations issued by the Judge and the city has appealed the ruling. He stated that videoing public interactions could pose issues with confidentiality and that the suggestion was unrealistic in regards to law enforcement patrol operations.

The NYPD’s policy is oppressive to minorities under the regime of Ray Kelly and a large populous disagree with his support of racially biased policing. Some contend the trade-off of safer streets is an adequate trade. However, when innocent people face victimization for no reason- such is indicative of a tyrannical state -it opens the door for impositions on additional freedoms.

By Thomas Barr

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  1. gdpr (@gdpr)   August 22, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    If so, then Ray Kelly is a racist.

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