Eating Drinking and Living with Apple Cider Vinegar – Inexpensive and Powerful

Apple Cider Vinegar - inexpensive and powerful
Have you ever experienced discomfort in your body?  I know, it seems like a strange question to ask.  We all have, at some point, felt discomfort or perceived pain in the body.  Who of us has not?  When we do have these moments of feeling less than our ‘best’, what do we turn to for alleviating our pains? Do we go to the doctor or the herb store? Do we run to the pharmacy or know of a simple home remedy to change the experience we are having for the better?  It is becoming more and more necessary with all the increase in health care costs and change in the economy to become increasingly self-sufficient as a people.  Knowing how to do this in the simplest manner is key in personal empowerment and stimulating change in the world.  Eating, drinking and eating with Raw apple cider vinegar is an inexpensive and powerful lifestyle alteration that can change the game dramatically.

For situations such as sore throats, stomach upset, sun burns, gas, dehydration, leg cramps, gout, stuffy nose and even cancer – apple cider vinegar can miraculously improve the situation to allow for the experience of something greater.  Even for skin care and basic hygiene, this wonderfully simple apple product is one you want to have around.  From whitening the teeth and cleaning the hair to freshening the breath, you need reach no further than the kitchen cupboard (unless you still need to pick some up – then it’s a trip to the health food store).

Apple cider vinegar is alkaline-promoting, meaning it helps to change the ph of the body from an acidic state to one of greater balance.  When the body is more alkaline than acidic, dis-ease cannot thrive.  Cancer is a state of over-acidity in the body as is nearly every ‘illness’ conditions.  In this society we eat diets rich in acid-forming foods: coffee, meat, dairy, sugar, processed and packaged foods, etc.  The use of apple cider vinegar in one’s daily routine can help to rid the body of over-riding acidity and thereby decrease the chance for developing a dis-ease state.

Just one tablespoon stirred into a small bit of water before meals can help prepare the stomach for proper digestion by stimulating the production of enzymes and balancing out the stomach ph.  For indigestion, the same protocol can be followed after you eat.  If suffering from a sore throat , take the same ratio and gargle with it several times per day, and for sinus issues, drink it hot with a bit of raw honey.  For over-all health maintenance, drink several tablespoons per day hot or cold in a glass of water, add raw honey if desired, and maybe even a dash of cayenne pepper to liven it up!

There are so many amazing uses for apple cider vinegar that there are books written on the subject.  It is important, when choosing apple cider vinegar, that you find a raw source – which contains what is called ‘the mother’ or the raw, live culture.  This is the healing aspect of the vinegar, absent in the clearer, regular store-bought processed apple cider vinegar.  Look for the raw vinegar in the health food section of your grocery store or visit a health food store.  You can also find raw ACV on-line through companies like Braggs or Spectrum.

Raw apple cider vinegar makes a great internal cleanser of the body system, while it also does the same for the skin, hair and teeth.  As a regular cleansing rinse, take a cap full of ACV and wash it through your hair in the shower, followed by a good rinse and regular conditioning (if you do so) and feel layers of build-up disappear.  Raw apple cider vinegar is a great skin cleanser in the morning or pre-evening moisturizer.  It does wonders to soothe a sunburn or to disinfect a wound.  In cases of gout, drink the vinegar as well as soaking the body in a bath of several tablespoons ACV regularly.

You can also use this amazing vinegar to clean the floors and windows, wash your laundry and disinfect any surface.

There are literally so many uses for apple cider vinegar this article could go on indefinitely.  Once you have ready access to ACV, experiment yourself with all the many uses.  It’s even great on a salad with some olive or flax oil.  Both inexpensive and extremely powerful, eating, drinking and living with apple cider vinegar is a lifestyle change worth considering.  It is rumored that ‘feared Samurai warriors drank it for strength and power’ and even Christopher Columbus carried it across the sea on his voyages.  One of the greatest benefits noticed by regular partakers of the vinegar is that stiffness in the body disappears after several weeks of daily consumption, leaving one feeling younger and more vital – like a child.  Who couldn’t use a little more of that?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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