Kim Jong-un Orders Execution of Former Girlfriend Hyon Song-wol

Kim Jong-un Orders Execution for Former Girlfriend Hyon Song-wol

Political orders have been carried out. Hyon Song-wol, North Korea’s uprising music sensation and former girlfriend of Kim Jong-un has been executed.

Aug 17, Hyon Song-wol, a North Korean singer with the Unhasu Orchestra and 11 others were arrested on charges for producing and distributing pornography. Three days later, all 12 were executed in machine gun fashion in front of members of their immediate family and musical group. After the executions, the onlookers were then sent to serve penance in a North Korean prison camp, the regime accusing them with guilt by association.

The witnesses to the execution were singers, dancers and musicians associated with the Unhasu Orchestra, Wangjaeson Light Band, Morangbong Band and their immediate families.

Some members of the groups arrested were found to be carrying bibles, a book that is banned in North Korean’s Pyongyang’s system, and the group is considered to be political rebels.

Hyon Song-wol sang with the Unhasu Orchestra and began her rise to stardom in North Korea’s music world in 2005 with her hit video A Girl in the Saddle of a Stead. The orchestra performed famous propaganda songs such as Footsteps of Soldiers, I love Pyongyang and We are Troops of the Party.

Hyon Song-wol’s downfall came when she met Kim Jong-un ten years prior. They had been friends in their teenage years. When she completed her school studies in Bern, Switzerland and returned to North Korea, she and Kim Jong-un became a romantic item.

However, Kim’s father Kim Jong-il, the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea did not approve and demanded the relationship be terminated.

After the split, Hyon Song-wol married an officer in the North Korean military and had a child. However, it is rumored that after the death of Kim Jong-il in 2011, Hyon and Kim secretly rekindled their relationship. In 2012,speculation of their relationship arose when the press took a picture of Kim Jong-un and Hyon Song-wol sitting together at a music performance.

It is interesting to note that Kim Jong-un’s new wife, Ri Sol-ju also performed in the Unhasu Orchestra along with Hyon before her marriage to Kim Jong-un. It is reported that Ri Sol-ju was jealous of Hyon and did not like her increasing notoriety with the North Korean people. This information could give some insight as to why Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of his former girlfriend and her musical group.

Toshimitsu Suigemura, who is an authority on North Korea at Toyko’s Waseda University, told the Daily Telegraph that if the musical group only made and distributed sex videos, they would have been sent to the prison system and made to disappear, not executed.

Toshimitsu believes the executions were politically motivated. The musical group may have been targeted because they were seen as rivals to Pyongyang’s sinister political regime. The other theory is that the executions were about Kim’s wife, as she was once a member of the orchestra.

Kim has no qualms about removing people who threaten his power. He purged his own stepmother from the Works Party Finance and Accounting Department, where she held the position of Senior Official. Kim’s reason for her elimination was due to his wanting to tighten his power of the country and its people.

Another instance of the North Korean dictator harnessing his vicious power is when Jong-un had Kim Choi, vice minister of the army executed in Oct. 2012. Kim Choi had been drinking and carousing after the death of Jong-un’s father. Kim Jong-un’s order to the executioners were to leave “no trace of him behind, down to his hair.”

Kim Choi was forced to stand still as they then launched mortar rounds, obliterating him. It appears that Kim Jong-un was much more lenient with his step mother than that of the vice minister.

Anyone who challenges Kim Jong-un’s authority is sadistically eliminated. Sadly, the reasoning behind Kim Jong-un’s orders to execute former girlfriend Hyon Song-wol can only be speculated at.

By Lisa Graziano


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  1. VNCH   September 1, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    I think the young Kim Young Un had to kill her to keep her silent about his HOT private time with her to the world, to save his image from her sex tapes, no other choice for him, she made a fatal mistake to be famous at the same time involved with him secretl;y


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