Lady Gaga Ups Media Attention for Release of “Applause” Single

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Lady Gaga is back, and boy don’t we all know it? With the imminent release of the “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” singer’s new single, “Applause,” it would appear the star is back, whipping up a media frenzy. So, how exactly has Gaga been upping the media attention as of late?

Firstly, Gaga was recently involved in the endorsement of the Marina Abramovic Institute by appearing in a naked video, which followed the bare-breasted star around various tranquil locations as ominous tones played within the background. The video, as you have perhaps already seen, shows Gaga lying hugging a giant crystal, in the fetal position, wearing a set of bizarre yellow horns and standing motionless amongst the foliage of a forest backdrop.

Suffice to say, it was an eerie take on the Abramovic method, and one that garnered huge media interest in both the Institute and Gaga.

Then we have Gaga’s recent excursion to a gay bar in New York, dressed to impress in nothing but a bra and some very tight denim hot pants; her ensemble was also replete with knee high socks, monstrously sized heels and a pair of shades. Admittedly, the star has been seen sporting a similar style on previous occasions. For example, when she rudely gesticulated towards some photographers at a Mets game, she was similarly snapped wearing very little, perhaps suggesting she is starting to develop an aversion to clothes.

That aside, Gaga hit the busy streets of New York and was seen entering a gay bar in West Hollywood. This was another part of an attempt to drum up more media attention for the release of her latest “Applause” single, taken from her soon-to-be-released album, ARTPOP, which she was heading off to listen to.

Before departing the area, she was photographed growling like a feral beast caught in a bear trap. Scary stuff, no doubt.

However, this week’s standout Gaga fashion moment happened to involve a “date night” with her partner, Taylor Kinney. The 27-year-old singer exposed her butt cheeks to the elements, brazenly casting aside all sense of social decorum. Her see-through outfit left little to the imagination as she revealed her skimpy underwear.

One of the latest stirs within the dizzy world of Gaga involved her public condemnation of the individuals responsible for leaking her new “Applause” single. “Lord, in HEAVEN WHY,” was the tweet¬†she initially issued. This was followed up by another uppercase-infested tweet, “YOU JUST COULDNT WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY.”

Gaga then extended her sympathies to Katy Perry, who had encountered the same issue when her single “Roar” was pilfered and prematurely uploaded onto the Internet:

Lady Gaga Twitter Rant1 Katy Perry

Gaga retweeted some “snitching” instructions, which told her fans in detail how to report the unauthorized dissemination of her copyrighted material to Universal Music Group, who oversee her record label.

Gaga’s gushing fans jumped to her defense, initiating an anti-piracy campaign to thwart the efforts of hackers and pirates. This then prompted the musical sensation to call a “… pop music emergency…”, which was actually an announcement that her new single would be released a week earlier than anticipated, much to the surprise of her beloved fans.

The “Mother of the Monsters” had also strongly reacted to recent scrutiny from a blogger, who criticized the singer/song-writer’s previously leaked snippet of “Applause.” According to Digital Spy, she responded to these comments by denigrating the blogging community:

Lady Gaga Twitter2 Bloggers

Gaga is no novice when it comes to courting the media. With a flair for fashion that would make Elton John blush, and all the sensationalism of a Jeremy Kyle show, Lady Gaga remains at the focal point of media attention. At Gaga’s core lies an astonishingly prudent businesswoman and, with all of the recent media furor she has negotiated for herself, her new “Applause” single is likely to perform very well.

By: James Fenner

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