Lauren Silverman Shocked over Husband Being Shocked About Affair with Simon Cowell

The real victim isn't in the triangle

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Lauren Silverman is playing that caught card of ‘I don’t know why my husband is “shocked” about my affair, after all he knew, because he was doing the same thing!’ You know that odd thing that doesn’t happen as often in the world of reality. Andrew Silverman filed divorce papers two weeks ago, ironically naming Simon Cowell as co-respondent.

TMZ reports sources close to Lauren states husband Andrew playing victim is unfair as he was canoodling with girls on just about every continent. In addition, the sources close to the socialite state Andrew was aware that his upset wife sought refuge in Cowell’s welcoming arms. Lauren also states shes totally not a gold-digger, she merely needs the financial support to raise her 7-year-old son.

Outside of the portrayed shock from both sides of the Silverman field over the Cowell affair, a greater battle is winding up. There commonly seems to be a missing link of understanding- a small child is caught in the middle and neither one of these individuals considered the consequences that could stem from their equally irresponsible behavior. That includes Simon Cowell.

Andrew bitterly called his wife an inefficient mother, states TMZ, pointing to her ┬ájaunts to England to cuddle with Cowell. Since a pre-nuptial agreement is in place, child custody is sadly the major issue throughout these divorce proceedings. Andrew wants full custody as does Lauren. Mother to Lauren, Carole Eisenberg relays the couple are trying their best to keep things civil for their son, “They have a beautiful 7-year-old child between them and that is their biggest concern,” Eisenberg said.

In a slightly sickening appeal of motherhood, Lauren took son, Adam to the toy store on Friday. She apologized to the clerks for the line of paparazzi, but continued to shop with her son, reviewing bicycles and Lego sets. The public is split on this very public divorce, but down the middle remains the very real life of Adam. Perhaps, understanding the affect of divorce to this child is best relayed from those who have suffered and stemmed from parents of divorce in the limelight:

  • Nicole Richie once stated she felt like her dad leaving her mother, was his way of completely leaving her as well
  • Justin Bieber is currently falling down some rocky paths, but shared in previous interviews that being in the middle of a nasty divorce was never fun and the kid always thinks it’s about them
  • Pink stated in a previous interview she became an angry teen after the divorce of her parents
  • Justin Timberlake shared his parents divorce affects him more, at times, than he realizes. He wants to “break the chain” and not have to put a child through the pain, he still suffers at times

There’s something to be said when the myriad of emotions reflect between the adults in a relationship, but greater still is the pain of the quieted child. Lauren Silverman can remain shocked over being shocked by her husband’s inability to accept the affair. Andrew Silverman can rage on about the “cruel” and inhumane way his wife treated their marriage. Simon Cowell can remain to “keep this private” but hopefully all will remember there is one major character in this game. His name is Adam, he’s 7-years-old and his parents are going through a divorce.

Hopefully, Adam remains unscathed from the public divorced of his parents.
Hopefully, Adam remains unscathed from the public divorce of his parents.
















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