Lindsay Lohan Back in Black and Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately

Cracks jokes and bonds with the audience

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Lindsay Lohan is back in black! The radiant actress grinned at the standing ovation of the crowd, as she walked on her first post-rehab stage. She looked amazing, svelte and sleek in a black ensemble. Lohan was the guest host of Chelsea Lately during a recording yesterday, it will be aired this coming Monday, August 5.

Lilo was back in the game and cracking smiles and jokes throughout the show. She looked refreshed, was absolutely charming and drew in the audience. She sat down to interview Dylan Bruce from the BBC show ‘Orphan Black.’ The love to be nude actor stars as ‘Paul Dierden’ in the hotly anticipated Sci-Fi drama.

In addition to sharing a smile with Bruce and conducting a nicely stated interview with the actor, Lilo delivered one line zingers, as she strutted her better than ever body, clad in black around the stage. One opening comment was a laugh inducing, “90-day court-ordered vacation.” Lilo also took a swipe at Harry Styles, who was inquired by the British GQ about rumors surrounding his sexuality. Lilo delivered a saucy grin and responded with, “I’ve been there, ” sending the audience into peals of laughter.

Lilo was tied to DJ Samantha Ronson a few years ago and admitted at the time the relationship was toxic. From then Lilo suffered a continued tumble down celebrity mountain. She endured several arrests until finally being forced in rehab earlier this year for a 90-day stint. The ‘Mean Girls’ actress has a very busy schedule with appearances, such as on Chelsea Lately, promoting her new movie ‘The Canyons’ and then sitting down with television talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey on a docu-series.

Mom, Dina Lohan, is ecstatic to have her daughter back. She is planning a belated birthday party for Lilo before she starts her movie promotions. ┬áDina shared her joy in have her daughter back, stating a few days before her rehab release, “Oh my God, I can’t wait to hug her.”

‘Variety’ posted a stellar review on Lilo’s new movie and she even tweeted her thanks with a link to the review. ‘The Canyons’ is labeled as an erotic thriller. Director Paul Schrader tends to lean on the gritty side of movies. He directed the infamous ‘Raging Bull,’ ‘Affliction’ and currently in production with ‘The Jesuit.’ Selecting Lilo for the part of ‘Tara’ the sultry and darkly moody actress was a perfect fit. The star melds into the environment of the flick, drawing forth an addictive quality to the low budget film.

No word yet on Lilo starring in other movies, outside of The Canyons. The starlet truly looks like she is ready to take on the world. This can be a motivational endeavor for recently troubled star Amanda Bynes, who remains institutionalized. Lilo is taking the reigns and looks ready to stay clean and keep out of trouble. She looked amazing hosting Chelsea Lately, you can catch the full episode on E! Monday night. Back in black, Lilo looks ready to take on the world and win, not to be confused with Charlie Sheen’s “winning.”

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