Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored for Early September Release and Watches Galore

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Korean publication ‘Asia Economy News’ is creating a rumor bug! The publication states the Samsung Galaxy Note III is rumored for release on September 4th at a local trade event show in Berlin, Germany. In addition the Galaxy watch may also make an appearance. Be prepared for the year of the smart watches!

If that is the intention of Samsung, they may be able to edge out the Apple 5S or C, especially after labor violations were cited against Apple’s largest manufacturer Pegatron, late last month. The specs surrounding the new Galaxy generation is still up for debate but ‘BGR’ was able to translate some information from the Korean publication.

The earlier than intended release date can signify that Samsung is pushing the Note III out in anticipation of rolling out a smart watch, that will outpace the reported iWatch, Apple has been in process of creating. The specs of the Galaxy Note III include more a phablet type of phone, as its predecessors:

  •  5.7-inch HD full display with a 1080 x 1920 resolution
  • 3 amazing Gigabytes of RAM
  • A stunning 13-megapixel camera
  • Improved S Pen support

In the race for bigger is better, HTC is also rumored to release the upcoming HTC One Max around the same time. The phone would sport a tremendous and almost ridiculous 6-inch screen. Feeling a bit smartphone happy at this point? This of course comes after the release of the highly toted Moto X by Motorola and in speculation of LG’s Optimus G2 which is expected to be released in just several days.

In addition, to the release of the mammoth Galaxy Note III, rumors suggest Samsung could be unveiling their new smart watch, which may be called Gear. Watches seem to be the newest trend for smartphone manufacturers. iWatch is due, supposedly, this fall for release, but it seems engineering problems may move that date back.

Sony just unveiled the SmartWatch 2 which comes with a 1.6-inch screen for users to get notifications from their Android smartphones on the go. Sony bragged of the stellar features of the watch:

  • Take a photo from your watch
  • There is a Presentation Pal app to control presentations (no more clunky clickers)
  • Check your route for your running path
  • Left your phone in the car? No worries check emails from your watch
  • Track your fitness activities as you go
  • Tired of headset for music? The SmartWatch 2 has a music player

There is speculation that Samsung’s Gear and Apple’s iWatch will have the above features with advanced designs. With big contenders like Apple, Google, Microsoft, LG and Samsung dropping hints of smart watches, one can only presume starting in the fall it will become the year of the smart watches.

Samsung is ready to rev up the competition, especially since Moto X has made a bigger than intended splash. They also recently unveiled their homemade Exynos 5420 Octa processor. Some of the versions of the Galaxy Note III will also keep the Qualcomm processor. Basically, keep your wallets closed for a moment to absorb the amount of smartphones and smart watches your way. We have a feeling between the early release of the Galaxy Note III and the watches – your Holiday list will be packed with wish gift items.

Angelina Bouc

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