Lindsay Lohan Proves This Leopard Has Same Spots

Lindsay Lohan This Leopard Has Same Spots

As Lindsay Lohan continues making her most recent comeback, The Canyons director Paul Schrader is venting his spleen at his star’s no-show for the Venice Film Festival. It seems that despite all the hype, this Lohan “leopard” has the same spots post rehab.

Schrader was livid when the 27 year-old actress bailed on the festival last minute. According to The Canyons director, Lohan had given her word that she would be attending. But on the day, she was nowhere to be seen and it was director Schrader; writer Bret Easton Ellis; and adult film star/co-star James Deen to “front” the film at the festival.

Schrader revealed his anger at the festival’s press conference. In his vitriol fueled statement, he referred to himself as a hostage and that her behaviour was unspeakable.

The 67 year-old director said: “For the last 16 months I’ve been hostage, by own choosing, to a very talented but unpredictable actress. She was supposed to be here today, she said she would be, but she is not. She is a great actress… but her behavior is unspeakable.”

Lohan apparently was not aware of her former director’s rage as she got onto her Twitter feed to thank him for his support during the filming of the poorly received film. She tweeted: “I wish I could be there to celebrate with you in Venice. Paul Schrader, @braxtonpope, @JamesDeen could not have done it without you.”

It appears that Lindsay Lohan has not changed her leopard spots to the extent she would have you believe. But we don’t blame her for keeping a low profile on the low/no-budget stinker. Her presence at the festival might have helped, but not necessarily.

Because the film did not just suffer from LiLo’s absence, it suffered from a lack of appreciation from the festival viewers. Schrader and Deen went on to argue their corner. Schrader said the film was about more than “tits and a**” and explained that the theme was about cold people who lead cold lives.

A few publications showed a minimum amount of praise for the film, but most prefered to ignore or pan it.

Schrader went on to say that, he knew it would not appeal to everyone. A possible understatement as the film has been savaged by critics. Most say the $100 dollar-a-day performance of Lohan did compensate for the price of admission.

Lindsay’s appearance in the film was before her mandatory 90 day court ordered rehab and speaking to those who have seen her in the film, it shows. But tales of the director’s battles with the actress have been cropping up on the internet. In fact, Schrader unceremoniously fired Lindsay on the first day of filming when she turned up late.

Since she has been out of rehab, Lindsay is attempting to “stay straight” and is living with a sober coach. She was guest host on Chelsea Lately and was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). She is also to take part in an eight part documentary about her life.

It was rumored this week that she will be hosting the first SNL of the new season. That particular bit of news, however, has been shot down.

Despite Lindsay “turning over a new leaf,” yet again, it appears that while she may be staying off the drugs and alcohol, she hasn’t changed very much in the reliability department. Her leopard has not changed one little spot in that area. Time will tell if her other spots have been changed or not. She cannot live with her sober coach forever.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom