Mike Tyson Reveals He is on the Verge of Dying [video]

Change or Die

Change is Painful but NecessaryMike Tyson, the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, cannot beat his own addictions. Tyson says in a television interview that he’s on the verge of dying due to his alcohol addiction. He dropped this bomb during a press conference on Friday. He told reporters that he’s been lying about his alcohol consumption. He’s been saying he is sober but he had not been sober for years.

Tyson says he wants to change and live a different life. He wants to be sober and doesn’t want to die. He says his alcohol addiction is so vicious that he’s on the verge of death. Tyson has reportedly been to rehab more than three times.

Tyson has constantly displayed the actions of a person being controlled by another force. It appears that this force has now been identified. He’s had a constant war of trying to live free of, while being hostage to, substance abuse.

The former champ says he’s knows he’s been a bad boy at times and has done many things that weren’t good but he wants to change that reputation. He says he wants people to forgive him of the bad decisions he’s made and he knows that in order for that to happen HE has to change. He wants the public to know that he has begun that process.

Change is never easy and it’s usually painful. Change begins with the decision that it’s time. The process of change and the survival of transition is a totally separate process that is way more difficult. People are creatures of habit and as such welcome the thought of routine while often fighting change.

In the long run people that resist change don’t survive. The process of change requires great commitment, planning, courage and patience. People have to convince themselves that the life they are trying to create is better than where they are now. This seems to be the thriving motivation for Michael Gerard Tyson.

The truth is that change can be a wonderful gift that unlocks the doors to growth and excitement in any thing or person. More importantly, without it growth never happens. The biggest part of success is the constant ability for people to inspire themselves to leave their comfort zone and realize that even though it’s a new path it’s the right one.

The 47-year-old Tyson realizes this and confirmed it by saying that for six days he’s been clean of drugs and alcohol and doesn’t ever want to drink again.

He was in New York in efforts to promote a fight card that upcoming with Iron Mike Productions.

Tyson is no stranger to hard work and rigorous transitions. He said he wants to change and with the help of a great support system he’s well on his way.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Nathanael Illingworth   November 26, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Thank-you for this informative documentary. I have been a member of numerous churches over the years (of different denominations), and I’ve yet to find one that truly suits me (Catholicism is the nearest as I firmly believe in transubstantiation) : this documentary is helping me to realize that I need to do more research. Many thanks.


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