Miley Cyrus Director Says Miley is Not for Old People

Miley Cyrus Director Says Miley is Not for Old People

If you were one of the many people who were scandalized by Miley Cyrus’ performance on the MTV Video Music Awards Miley’s director has something to tell you. Diane Martel, the director who helped to bring us the almost as controversial music video, We Can’t Stop, says Miley is not for old people.


Martel, who has a music video resume as long as your arm, thinks that the performance that she helped set up for Miley on the MTV VMA program is just fine. Thank you very much. And she would appreciate it if we’d all stop complaining about it.

She defended Miley’s OTT crotch grinding and foam fingering show and told us all we are taking it too seriously.

Now mind you, she has been in the business for awhile now. She started doing choreography in 1999 and then segued into directing music videos. So she could be classed as an expert. She not only directed the We Can’t Stop music video, but she also did Justin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video.

Her video debut as a director was the Throw Ya Gunz “back in the day dawg” and it was chosen by Method Man and Redman as their number one fave rap video of all time. So she’s an expert, yo! If she says that Miley Cyrus is not for old people, she knows of what she speaks.

Diane Martel has gone on record as saying that she completely supports the former Hannah Montana performer and that her “being over the top” with the sexual use of that big foam finger was perfectly acceptable.

Furthermore, Diane says that Miley already had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to do in her flesh colored latex underwear. Martel says that Cyrus wanted to do it “mega-campy style.” For us of the older generation that means masturbating with a large foam finger on stage while grinding one’s nether regions into the crotch of a male singer. Very glad that was cleared up by the helpful Diane, we did not get it the first time.

Speaking to MTV News, Diane said, “For Blurred Lines I decided to use the [foam] finger and she took it and ran with it. She’s into being over the top right now and I’m right there with her.” But it is not all about the finger folks. Martel also laid into those people who complained about Miley sticking her tongue out…at everything. She says that there is a big generation gap thing going on here.

She adds that people must have more important things to worry about. She explained for all of us doddering old folks that the tongue thing has nothing to do with sex. She said, “For the geriatric crew, the tongue out is not sexual. It’s selfie code. It’s mocking ‘pretty. It’s not for your gaze. It’s for a young audience’s gaze. I am shocked by their shock.”

For those of us who are not yet at the age where we receive a stipend from Social Security each month, Martell’s ageist rant is pretty offensive. Don’t bother looking up how old she is as even IMDb Pro doesn’t give a birthdate for the lady. But since the “lady” has been working professionally since 1999 she must be, at an absolute minimum, 34 years-old. So she isn’t a youngster herself.

Although at 34, she could still see someone over 40 as geriatric. Everything is, after all, relative. But we can agree upon one thing, sticking out one’s tongue at an early age – as in under 12 – certainly does not have a sexual connotation. But for someone over the age of 20, or 34…

But now we all know. There was nothing wrong with Miley’s performance on the MTV VMA. We know because Miley Cyrus’ director Diane Martel says Miley is not for old people. So “shut the F*** up and go back to your Geritol. And stop watching a show meant for kids. Okay?

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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