Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Knocks Katy Perry Roar off Top Spot Thanks to iTunes

Miley Cyrus Knocks Katy Perry Off Number One Spot

If you haven’t figured it out by now, iTunes is not perfect. They suffer from errant idiocy like any other organisation out to make money from punters who want the most recent hits to download. As pointed out in, iTunes suffers from “glitches and oddities” that can eradicate some songs from existence. And it happened with Katy Perry’s Roar. Thanks to an iTunes “glitch” Katy Perry’s number one download disappeared and Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball blew into the number one spot.

About the time that Miley dropped her newest single, Wrecking Ball on Saturday night, iTunes took the opportunity to take off the single version of Perry’s Roar, which was eating up the charts and was highly visible to those who wanted to purchase and download the single.

In their infinite wisdom, iTunes replaced the single version with the album version. This was clearly meant to drum up business for any Prism pre-orders. But customers who wanted the single version to synchronize with the rest of the tracks on the Prism album were left hanging.

The other effect of replacing the single version with the album version was that the song lost its number one rating in the chart.

With Katy Perry’s Roar knocked out of hit’s number one position, thanks to iTunes greedy pre-order action, a lot of songs suddenly benefitted. As well as Miley Cyrus’ single Wrecking Ball getting newfound attention, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and Avicii’s Wake Me Up and Lorde’s Royals all enjoyed a jump in sales.

Blurred Lines jumped into the top spot vacated by Roar and Wake Me Up and Royals took second and third respectively. But Thicke’s single did not keep the number one slot for very long. By Sunday evening, Cyrus with Wrecking Ball shot to the top of the chart with a bullet.

Considering that Miley’s latest single since We Can’t Stop only got any real sort of notice on the Sunday morning after iTunes removed the single version of Roar, it passed its competition easily. According to the song outperformed “Blurred Lines” by a 4:3 ratio over the past twenty-four hours.

But impressive as that ratio is, Miley would not have the top spot had iTunes not, rather greedily, tried to pump up their Prism pre-sales figures. By inserting the album version of Roar versus the single version that put Perry in the number one spot, they performed an assassination that would have made Agent 47 proud.

While Roar did get knocked of the apex of the iTunes chart, it has already shot back into the top five. Even being replaced with the album version has not really hurt the Perry single. In terms of popularity and sales, it seems pretty clear that Miley will not enjoy the top spot for much longer.

So Miley Cyrus with Wrecking Ball may have knocked Katy Perry’s Roar off the number one slot of the chart. But Miley had help from iTunes that she should thank them for. Preferably before her single is toppled as well.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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