Moto X Release Date and Specs Announced from Google Acquired Motorola

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Last year, Google made headlines for acquiring Motorola Mobility. Many sat on their thumbs, pondering if Google will really break into the smartphones arena. It seems Google has. Motorola has channeled a leaner, meaner and smartphone ready company. The Moto X was announced and it’s already stirring trouble in a saturated smartphone market.

Motorola’s senior vice president of global product development,  Iqbal Arshad shares his enthusiasm of the direction Motorola is going, “I think we’ve created an awesome company,” he said, “And Moto X represents who we are.” Before we launch into those impressive specs, there is the cause of concern when it comes to plunging into the smartphone market. Samsung, Apple and HTC have taken some mean bites from competitors like Nokia and RIM. The Moto X may be able to offer a rude “excuse me” to HTC and maybe even the Galaxy S4.

Onward to specs! Since Google has acquired Motorola, many pondered on any revolutionary items the Moto X may be equipped with. Outside of the release date, the specs, design and software are making considerable waves. Get ready for it!

  • Massive 4.7″ OLED display with a 1280×720, 316 PPI
  • 16GB of Raw Memory- leaving users about 11GB (much better that the seemingly 8GB of Galaxy S4)
  • 50GB of Google Drive (for free!)
  • 2200 mAh (nice!)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro with an exciting “contextual computing” processor
  • 10 mega-pixel rear camera
  • Over a dozen different color backs
moto x, colors, release date
With over a dozen color backs, Moto X makes for a fun tech rainbow














The release date is rumored to start late August for pre-orders and early September for the national release. No need to switch carriers- Moto X will be available to all 5 major United States carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. Oh and be prepared Apple fans- Moto X sports an impressive and we mean impressive voice command capability. Watch out Siri!

The voice command responds to the user’s voice and actually comes to know your voice exclusively which means you can perform a magic trick for your friends and show that your phone only talks to you. They can ask your Moto X (start thinking of names!) for directions and Moto will not respond. Once you ask in your sugary sweet tone, Moto will respond, and quite quickly with that processor.

The ‘New York Times’ states that Arshad said “the company had to develop a new computing system, X8, to make Moto X work well. One low-powered processor in the phone is devoted to processing natural language. Another low-powered processor is dedicated to detecting movements of sensors — two twists of the wrist will open the phone’s camera, for example. The design of the computing system allows the phone to constantly listen for the user’s input and quickly respond without constantly draining the battery.”

Wow, feeling a bit light-headed yet? In addition, leave your chargers at home, the Moto X’s battery reportedly can hold a strong 24 hour charge, using features on the phone during that time. Google has been pondering on how to create computers that are so attuned to our commands, we wouldn’t need a keyboard, let alone touch a screen. The Moto X seems to be a mini prototype of that future consideration.

Arshad also shared, “We want to change the way people call, we want to change the way people search and we want to change the way people navigate,” he said, “That’s what touchless control enabled you to do. So we had to design a mobile computing system to do that.” Hee-haw!  Google is remaining busy from the Google Glass, Chromecast and now the newest release in the form of a smartphone.

While there are naysayers on the company and product, excitement is winning as anticipation rises. The Moto X has bragged its specs, Motorola has bragged its release date and Google, the granddaddy of them all, is proving to the world just how intense the technological heat can become.

Angelina Bouc

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