MTV VMAs 2013 (Review)


MTV VMAs are finally here! Lady Gaga opened up the night with an electrifying performance of her latest release, “Applause.” It began quite oddly, with her wearing some sort of square headpiece. Then, she was wearing a black dress, then a blue one, and then a sparkling black one — she’s like some sort of quick-change artist.

Gaga also went through an array of wigs. She ended the song wearing a bikini, with the bottom part that looked like a G-string. It was a great way to kick off the night, despite an odd beginning to the song!

Next, the first award was for Best Pop Video. Selena Gomez won, which shocked some, but “Come and Get It” is a pretty good song.

What followed was a performance by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, of Thicke’s hit song, “Blurred Lines.” Miley came out of a huge stuffed teddy bear that was on stage, and she sang “We Can’t Stop” while twerking and dancing on stage with teddy bears. Some of the bears threw goodies from picnic baskets to the audience.

Then, Robin Thicke came out on stage, and Miley was dressed in a bikini, and she started off Thicke’s summer hit, “Blurred Lines.” He joined in, and at one point, she bent down, and acted like she was grinding her rear end into his junk. 2 Chainz also joined in.

Iggy and Lil Kim presented the Best Hip Hop Award, which went to Macklemore.

Then, after that song, Kevin Hart came onstage to do a brief routine, followed by Jared Leto, who introduced Kanye West, Yeezus himself, to sing his song from the album,  “Blood On the Leaves.” His voice was electronically distorted/enhanced for some of the song. He got the audience pumped up — he was great, as usual, but got bleeped by the censors. Checking out the reactions of people at home on social media, not everyone seemed to think Kanye was a hit, but oh, well….

The Best Female Video was up next, after a commercial break. The award was presented by Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers. The winner was Taylor Swift for “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Best Video with a Social Message was next, presented by Ed   Sheeran. The award went to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for the song  “Same Love.” Macklemore said “Gay rights are human rights, there is no separation.”

Jimmy Fallon then spoke, introducing Justin Timberlake, the “president of Pop,” as he called him. We were treated to a montage of some of Timberlake’s many hit songs, before he came out on stage to accept the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

We saw Timberlake riding up an escalator while singing, along with an entire entourage of singers and dancers. They all followed him as he entered Barclays.

Then, we saw him onstage, in a pretty cool choreographed performance of   a medley of his hits. Timberlake was dressed in a suit and black hat. The audience had their hands up in the air as he sang, and went down the center catwalk-like part of the stage. He glad-handed one member of the audience as he sang.

Next, Justin sang the song  “Cry Me a River.” It was a loud, cool performance. Justin then took to the piano, accompanying himself as he sang.

He was all over the place, hopping to another stage, and singing and dancing with some women dancers. It was an elaborately choreographed musical number.

With spotlights dazzling and lighting up the stage, the other members of ‘N Sync then joined Timberlake. All were dressed in suits. They leaned backwards at one point, like Michael J. sometimes did. They sang “Bye Bye Bye,” first.

Next, Justin sang “Suit and Tie.” Then, he sang “Mirrors.” The entire audience was standing as he cranked out the song.

Jimmy Fallon presented him with the award, finally, saying: “It’s pretty obvious why he deserves the award, yeah?”

Fallon was all hyped up, like he’s super-excited. Then, they did a bro-hug together. Justin said “There’s an extra five hundred dollars in your gift bags for that,” to the audience, for their cheering and showing their love for him.

“Half of the Moonmen I ever won, I won with those guys,” he said about ‘N Sync.

J.T. did sing for awhile, but I think some of the criticism leveled against him that I read, like his set was running longer than a Bruce Springsteen show, was unjustified. He still did a fantastic job, IMHO, no matter how long it went.


Kevin Hart came onstage again, and said again: “Lady Gaga got some yams!” It got him a laugh the first time he said it, and again, this time–I’m not sure why, though…

Vampire Weekend presented the next award. Best Song of the Summer went to the boy band  One Direction, for “We Danced All Night.” They were leading all of the other songs by a crapload of votes. I believe that Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” came in second, but far behind.

Macklemore and Mary Lambert then sang “Same Love” onstage, with a great piano accompaniment. Jennifer Hudson then joined the “White Tupac” onstage to sing the song–way cool performance.

Adma Lambert and   came out to introduce Artist to Watch Award. It was up to people at home to vote on this award — Austin Mahone won. I voted for Zed. Blah….not that Austin sucks, I just didn’t vote for him.

Austin said in his speech: “I want to thank my mom because she’s always been there for me. She raised me as a single mother… and… I want to thank my best friends since the start and they’ll be with me till the end… Also I want to thank my team… Last but not least I want to thank my Mahonies… This is incredible. Thank you so much!”

Drake came on stage next. Will he actually “blow up the stage” as he claimed he would? He first sang: “Hold On We’re Going Home,” and then he sang his hit song “Started from the Bottom.” TBOZ and Chili from TLC introduced him. Again, the audience were on their feet, with their arms up in the air. He got bleeped a couple of times–smoke and fire were erupting behind him. The stage, of course, wasn’t actually “blown up,” but it was a nice little pyrotechnics display to end his song. Even Will Smith gave Drake a standing ovation!

Bruno Mars should be up soon, and Katy Perry has yet to take to the stage. I’m fairly sure she’ll sing her latest hit, “Roar.”

Taylor Swift presented the next award for Best Male Video. Bruno Mars won for his song “Locked Out of Heaven.” “It’s my first Moomman, y’all!” he said. He gave a short & sweet speech.

Katy Perry will give the Grand Finale performance…..I’m looking forward to seeing it, and how well she does.

Selena Gomez introduced Bruno Mars. He came onstage and sang his latest song, “Gorilla.” Bruno’s dressed in safari-like clothes, and green laser lights flashed as he sang. I’m not sure what they have to do with actual gorillas, though he does mention gorillas in the song. Bruno has a great voice — green smoke also appeared, flames, a green gorilla’s face behind him…still, a song about gorillas, even if it’s about other subjects, too? Maybe it will grow on me if I hear it more often….

Video of the Year Award was up next, after commercials. Josh Horowitz spoke standing by the Brooklyn Bridge–the rumor is Perry will sing underneath the bridge.

Video of the Year Award went to Justin Timberlake for “Mirrors.” Woo-hoo! He said it was a special award for him, as the song was “a tribute to my grandparents.” His grandfather had passed away, so he said: “This is for you, granny!” He added: “This is amazing, because it’s so personal for me.”

Performing her biggest hit yet, for the first time ever, Katy Perry performed “Roar” under the Brooklyn Bridge, inside of a boxing ring. She was dressed in pseudo-boxing shorts, and a tank top that was tiger-striped. She was joined by male dancers, with sweat-stained sweat shirts on. She belted out the song, and in my opinion, she gave one of the night’s best performances, if not the best.

She then even jumped rope, and threw her jump rope out into the huge audience there to see her.  I had never heard “Roar” before, but it’s a very good song. At the end, she held up a championship belt, and two people held up signs, one saying “Game” and the other one “Over.”

That concluded the MTV VMAs for 2013. I thought it was a awesome show — what are your opinions? Who do you think deserved to win the awards? Did your favorites win? Please let me know your opinions in  the comment area!

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